Feedback regarding the new Lazarus


As a devoted Lazarus fan (and while I don’t like to boast, was quite good with him), I figured I give him a whirl with the all the changes to the game and the bearded necromancer himself.

After playing around 15 games with four random other hunters, I’d like to give some feedback regarding Lazarus.

+ The class-ability cooldown perks

Utilising a major and slot 3 (forgot the name) perk that reduces the class-ability cooldown, Lazarus can heal VERY well. Combined with Supports new shield burst, he is very capable of keeping his team alive even before they go down.

+ Personal damage

With Lazarus’s increased damage output, I can really feel that I am contributing to the team’s damage. I personally wish the damage would be decreased a bit but his weakspots would be 1,5X again instead of 1,3X, but that is a personal preference.

+ Hunter’s personal healing

With every hunter now being able to regen their own health, it really helps Lazarus as a medic. Before, I had to go to every hunter that got even the tinniest scratch from Wildlife, since he would not regen it back. I wanted all the hunters to be max health AND have my healburst ready if the fight starts. Now, I no longer have to worry about that. Excellent!

+ Healing perk

Even the minor healing perk feels amazing for Laz. I can cloak away and easily regen 1/3rd of my health during the cloak. It allows me to use my healing field more flexible and not just for myself. Thumbs up.

- Incapped hunters die far too easy

With all the changes to the dome, Lazarus brings, as tradition, a new mindgame for the monster: ‘Do I simply incap them so I can get out of the dome quickly, but not give them a strike because of Laz? Or do I stay and finish the incapped hunter off, but risk getting major health damage?’

Only… the latter is not the case. While Lazarus and the new supports are able to keep hunters alive longer, an incapped hunter seems to die faaaar too quickly before the hunters can really punish the monster back. Whatever got changed; increased incapped hunter health, double pistol damage… I don’t find it very noticable. The monster simply finishes the incapped hunter of before the hunters can really punish him for it.

Before the Stage 2 update, the monster had to ‘camp’ both the incapped AND the dead hunter. While I certainly don’t want to go back to that situation (as it was very un-enjoyable for the monsters) right now it is simply too easy to get strikes on a team with Lazarus in them. Even though it is his speciality in preventing strikes, or at least heavily punish the monster for trying to get strikes.

Not to mention that reviving a dead person on the field is nowhere near as strong, with the reduced dropship time. I remember trying to go for a revive on our dead assault (who only died ten seconds ago) but it failed because he was already coming in on the dropship!

I have a couple of suggestions on how this could be improved:

1. Increase incapped hunter health

By further increasing an incapped hunters health, the monster will now really have to work for a strike against Lazarus, or hunt him down himself (which brings the great cat&mouse gameplay with the cloak).

2. Increase healing burst effectiveness on incapped hunters

Make it so that if the monster won’t focus Lazarus after incapping a hunter, it will take him longer to fully kill him.

3. Add a ‘Super-Soldier’ like buff to a revived DEAD hunter.

This should only work on dead hunters. In order to make the Lazarus Device worthwhile when there is still a short dropship time, add a short Super-Soldier like buff to the revived hunter. This will make so that a dead hunter is still a ‘threat’ to a monster.

Please let me know what you think. I will add new thoughts and ideas as I play more matches with Lazarus.


I’d agree with this so far, right now it doesn’t feel like body camping is truly punished as was described.


I’m glad to hear Lazarus specific feedback. Laz was my first elite character, and I greatly wanted him to be my main. But he was easily countered again good players. So I backed off. Thanks for the feedback, I can’t wait to try the new laz on console. :blush:


Yeah, been playing Laz a lot myself too, and I have to say he is probably more viable now than ever, simply because the new perk system and the new dome system indirectly buffs him a lot.

However, unless the monster is super conservative when it comes to health, a strike is guaranteed because there is no way to punish body camping.

The rest of the problems he got have been issues from the start:

He is very vulnerable to both the Krakens, because both of them can stunlock and gib a hunter so quickly you start the fight with one person down, which makes dealing the damage needed to get a decent trade on the monster’s health pool for the gguaranteed strike the hunter will be even more impossible than it already is.

Same goes for Behemoth obviously. As soon as a player is immobile (incapped) the behemoth simply roll next to a wall, tongue grab the hunters and wall, with no counter play. Of course people will say Behemoth is a natural counter to Laz, but I think that is the wrong mentality in a game where you can’t see what your opponent is picking before the match start.

These examples assumes the hunters and monsters are equal skilled btw, it’s too often we see people shoot down arguments because “I do X thing all the time in pubs, so you are wrong”.

Yeah, I think buffing the hunter’s incapped health would make things more fair.
He is a medic all about death after all, but right now if the hunter dies you have apparently played him wrong and is punished for it, so at least let the crippled hunters have a chance.


i’ll add this: with Lazarus being the only one left in the game with a cloak, he deserves a real cloak, no traces, no jetpack trails.


I was thinking on this, but I think it is important to leave counterplay to it. However, both it’s duration got decreased and cooldown got increased so…


even with a “perfect” cloak, there are lots of counters a good monster can do, like force laz to use the cloak then down someone when the cloak it’s in cooldown etc.


Tagging @LordDeath , he might be interested as the balance team’s medic player.


Thanks for the feedback. One thing to remember with the new pacing of the game is that we want a back and forth with the monster. So personally, I’m not against hunters getting pounded out when incapped against Laz, but they may die too easily when incapped right now. I can look into increasing the incap healing on the burst.

As for Revives not feeling as impactful/making revived hunters more threatening, I want to explore making it to where hunters class abilities don’t go on cooldown when revived by the glove. Currently they are reset and have to do a full recharge.