Feedback: Quality of Life adjustments I'd like to see


Playing Solo there are some quality of life issues I’m having. Some of these may apply to online as well.

The game doesn’t remember my last used hunting setups.
This applies to Hunter Selection and Perk Selection.
If I choose Caira in the Medic slot, even though I’m playing as Cabot, the game doesn’t remember this choice for the next round and I have to rechange from Val to Caira.
This makes sense, since I can choose different roles and Perks, but with the repetitive nature of selecting all of the party setup and Perks, at least starting where I last selected would be great.
If I chose Damage Increase for say, Parnell, last time, then having that be highlighted first on the Perk Selection screen the next time I use Parnell would be perfect.


This seems incredibly superfluous.


I too have played a bit Solo, and understand your pain. That being said, it takes me roughly 30 seconds to set myself up with the right position, character, and perk, and possibly another 30 to set the monster and other hunters. You should be able to live with taking a minute out of your day to accomplish this, I know I have dozens of times.


I’ve brought this topic up, and MacMan said he submitted the suggestions to the UI team – I feel like Character Select Recall will show up sooner rather than later. :grin: