Feedback on Adaptations


Did the adaptations help or hurt the player base? how much have the adaptations affected the balance of the game? Do they make any sense in terms of lore? how much of a focus are the adaptations for the devs and should they be focusing on other things more?

These questions and many more will hopefully be debated/confirmed here.

I’ll start, this has been on my mind for a while now. In terms of the player base, the adaptations were probably a good thing. It met the demand that so many people have been asking for for a while now to have entirely different skins for characters instead of just weapon skins. However, as the game shows, these new skins did more than make an appearance, they were made their own character. The number of hunters went from 20 (counting all of Team 5) to 24 and the number of monsters went from 5 to 6. That’s good, more characters to choose from, more variety for team comps. Not to mention… free content!

At first, I thought this was a good thing. More characters that are relatively balanced for much less work by the devs? Doesn’t sound too bad. Then when TSH and WM got released, I don’t know what to think about this anymore. One of my favorite characters, Maggie, was just given a massive damage boost and some of the only draw backs are that daisy has less health and WM can only shoot one harpoon, while the harpoon can be placed from further away and hold for further distances. To me, this made Griffin seem a lot more situational, because the biggest difference between Griffin and WM’s trapping abilities are a couple of seconds, and WM’s harpoon can be where no hunter is.

I found myself saying, ‘there’s too much variety’ for the first time. I got the feeling that bugs that were affecting the core mechanics of Evolve like traversal bugs and other issues like the Hunt matchmaking queue system taking forever to match certain people up were taking longer to get fixed because adaptations are being made at the pace that they are.

In terms of new players, I do not feel that these adaptations helped. Recently I helped buy Evolve for one of my friends and I was trying to teach him the ropes of characters including Hank. ‘He’s got a shield that you can put on people in combat to prevent damage,’ etc. but then I realized he wanted to play TSH, so I had to describe the difference between regular Hank and TSH. It made it a bit more difficult for me to explain and seemed harder to understand. Not the biggest deal, but figured it was worth mentioning.

What do you guys think? What were good and bad about the adaptations? Were they important and was there something more important that may not have been (or may not have appeared to be) getting as much attention? What should be avoided in the future and what should be continued?


The Adaptations are all fun and add a lot of nice variety to the game and for the most part are well balanced. There are no big cons or anything, just little gripes here and there.

The adaptations were done well in my opinion, and they should just keep doing what they’ve been doing.


The adaptations were a step in the right direction. ^^;;


Adaptations are cool, helps a bit with the variety without using a ton of resources for new hunters. They are also free, which is nice.

Shame that hardly anybody is left to see them.


What are you talking about?


just as long as adaptations don’t evolve into completely different people/ monsters I think that it will be ok


How would this affect playerbase?

Last I checked @MacMan’s posts, no. Mainly new characters, not adaptations tilt the scale. You can get exact numbers from him though.

They aren’t canonical therefore they make no effect on lore.

I can’t say for sure but I imagine not too much effort is given how easy they are to make however most work is probably on them though since last I checked 5th Support was in final testing.


I wish Meteor Goliath was as different from original Goliath as the Hunter adaptions were to their original counterparts, but other than that minor complaint I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the adaptions.

But man do I hope that the whole “TRS is not allowed to use suggestions in their Monster design” thing isn’t true because I am really hoping for a grounded Kraken variant.


Loving the adaptions! :slightly_smiling:
Original characters are still viable, but the adaptions just give more variety, which is really cool.


The player count on PC have been climbing, so while it doesn’ have to be thanks to the adaptions, it certainly isn’t decreasing it.

I need to add, unrelated to Evolve, it’s extremely important you realize that you should never relie on your “feelings” for facts.
“Eh, my gut says the moon is no more than two and a half kilometer away from earth, so it must be true”, it makes no sense.


But what if your gut is right and your whole life is a lie?


Then I would be dissepointed in my gut for not saying anything. If it’s so smart as it claims, why didn’t it evolve a mouth or something? Yeah, that’s what I thought gut.


Yeah, come on gut!


True, feelings are not fact. I didn’t have a concrete answer as to whether or not it helped, so I used feelings to help me determine temporarily what could be the case. Aren’t there neurons in parts of the gut or something? :yum:[quote=“10shredder00, post:7, topic:80675”]
How would this affect playerbase?
I realized I may have made some of my questions a bit too broad, trying to leave the questions up to interpretation, but by playerbase I meant either how did it affect the toxicity of the players, the frequency of players, etc. I’m sure the adaptations didn’t make many changes in major ways, I’m just trying to acknowledge what direction the adaptations are shifting the game, if at all. Certain adaptations may have had a bigger effect, like how I described that WM initially seemed much stronger than regular Maggie.

Over the long term, I’m sure many of these little issues will get worked out, but right now, they’re new characters like any other and have little imbalances. Whenever I play Val, Markov, or Maggie, there is usually someone who asks me why I’m not using the adaptation of that character so I got the impression that many people think the adaptations are mostly better than the originals. So far, Markov shows the biggest imbalance of times he’s picked compared to his adaptation (probably Maggie now).

Meaty G was the first adaptation and by now has been around for a while. Certain adaptations may fit certain play styles better, but I still have the unconscious association between the original Goliath and Meaty G getting me to think about which one is better even if they are different. I know I can’t compare Kraken to Goliath fairly, but it is easier for people to compare two characters that look similar and have similar abilities.


I guess I may have been a bit too harsh on the adaptations, most of the feedback seems positive. I was at least expecting some debate, but I guess I was late to the discussions or I’m just biased toward the originals. I have another question: who’s better in pubs? regular Val or Rogue Val? I ask because I would say Val but most people I meet in game would say Rogue Val.


Certainly Val in pubs.


Nice to see you again Shredz ^.-
Now I don’t feel hungry when I see you >.<

I find the adaptations quite nice. I do like having different appearances on the hunters and monsters and I hope the upcoming adaptations will be just as good as the ones we’ve had >.<

Mad Magz looks really cool~


I like the adaptations as they tie us all over for the real tiered hunters to come out or monster.

I think in reflection they should of come out sooner than they did then the player base wouldn’t have diluted as quick as it did or at all.

Only gripe I have is they look cooler than their vanilla versions but generally all are weaker so the variety actually where’s off quick after you’ve had your initial play with them.The only one really on par imo is Rogue Val,I thinks she’s fantastic the others all kind of suck.WLM looks the best though out of them all.


Yes! And new players have an oppurtunity to play rogue Val and can now heal without having to switch to a medgun! Until they can understand how to medic.


I hate the lack of skins for monsters adaptation.