Feedback on a few things

  1. On Solo with bots, why does the Monster randomize each match but not my fellow Hunters?

  2. Why is it only possible to view a playable characters future progression in the after game report? I can see some current things I am working toward in the profile, but not badges/future mastery unlocks. Also, a way to check what I need to be doing to progress a mastery in a match or at least at character select would be great.

  3. In the badge interface can we please display how the badges were/are unlocked, like what achievement they are tied to? “Oh that background is cool how did you get it?” “Uhhh, no idea.”

  4. Daisy AI…

  5. Back story. I love what little tidbits of the games lore I can pick up from the hunters interactions with each other, but I am hungry for more. I have seen Dev posts on forums about characters origins, home planets and stories and it was very interesting. Would it be possible to add at least some sort of text based Index section where we can read about this amazing world you’ve created and the people who inhabit it.