Feedback - Humans come back to life/Reinforcements?


Personal opinion but playing as only Goliath right now and only playing a monster so far because I am a monster guy. I feel at a terrible disadvantage having to kill them all in a… time limit? I have done it multiple times sure. But if one gets away and I’m stuck trying my hardest just to locate him, because they are the size of ants, the time limit just doesn’t make sense. Now speaking on the behalf of L4D’s vs mode I do not remember a way to come back from the dead. If you lose one hes gone. Not only does this make me feel like playing a monster is kind of pointless because whats the point of slowly killing them one by one if they are just going to come back from the dead in 2 minutes? It makes me feel like what I do as a monster has extremely little consequence and I have to go from being strategic to rushing in and doing as much as I can as quick as possible. Maybe it would be one thing if bodies stayed around and they could defib or revive the dead but reinforcements? I dunno… kind of weak.


The thing is, if you kill someone, you effectively reduce the hunter’s capabilities by 25% for at least 2 minutes. This helps because the hunters get more cautious, take longer fighting off smaller monsters, and are also more vulnerable to your attacks. Use this time after killing a hunter to evolve and gain levels and armor. That is how you win, by creating an advantage for yourself against the hunters. Hope this helps. Also, I wouldn’t mind a hardcore mode, where you die and you are permanently. I would definetely play that.


Downing Hunters is also about stacking health penalties; each time they go down they lose part of their overall health, and they can never get that back. The idea is to take a few risks early on and try to down some hunters so that when the endgame comes along they are very weak and you can down them all much quicker.