Feedback from Xbox One Player


I do hope that the game developers will see this topic, but let’s be realistic - sometimes it’s just not possible. Nevertheless, I would like to point out several issues that may or may not worry other players like me.

  1. MAP DESIGN - overall, I think that maps are designed fairly well, however, there is a big problem with variability of gameplay on all of them. The majority of maps in Hunt mode are either circular or dumbbell shaped, allowing for little strategic planning for both sides. An exception is Aviary, which has 3 zones separated by many tunnels, which allows the monster to plan its movement strategically and the hunters to plan ways of interception. Other than that, a lot of strategy on other maps is reduced to blind luck and “sneak your way to stage 3” tactic for the monster. This situation is the primary reason for me putting the monster on 5th place in preference - I cannot use my tactical abilities on most maps.
  2. HUNTER HEALTH - I do not have access to the actual numbers, but I’m fairly confident that all four hunters have the same health capacity at the start, which is quite illogical to say the least. Assault, since his main job is to damage and thus aggro the monster, must be able to “tank” the damage. When his shield drains, however, he dies from 2-3 ability hits or several regular hits - just as fast as other hunters. Thus, in some instances a medic is able to withstand more damage than the assault (e.g. Caira). What’s the logic behind that? I certainly don’t understand and would like to see health distribution as more uneven. (Btw, this will also teach the noob monsters to focus their damage).
  3. LEAVE PENALTY - imagine the situation: I wait 5 minutes to be matched into a game that allows me to take control over a bot Maggie (my least preferred trapper) with 2 health strikes on the 3rd minute of the match. I logically anticipate that I won’t be able to play effectively in this round and leave, just to wait for another minute before I can search for another round. I can deal with poor role assignment, I can even deal with the mode changes (hunt instead of evac), but the penalty for leaving the game I haven’t even played in - sorry, this makes me want to turn my console off.

These are the three major criticisms I have so far. I’m sure that the developers have their reasons to make the game mechanics as they are now, but I would appreciate an explanation of those reasons.
Thank you for your replies in advance, fellow formers and developers.