Feedback From a Newcomer

I enjoyed this game until the new patch was released. Given that the player base was already low , why did you keep people from joining games in progress? I’m not even going to mention the terrible matchmaking. To be honest, I don’t really blame TRS. I suspect a few 2K corporate execucitives (i.e., lazy slobs) are ultimulately behind this.

I love how everyone asked for everything this patch brought, and now that they actually have it they all hate it.


Actually I think most people asked for this patch to have been done before launch. When there was enough people playing to justify segregating players even further.

This kind of overhaul will only make more players leave. There’s going to be another mass exodus. This was such a great game, but the patch is the final nail in the coffin.

Yeah no… I think you are exaggerating quite a bit.

Overhauls happens all the time in all online multiplayer games. This ranked thing needs time to adjust itself. Give it time.

The matchmaking no longer takes level into consideration so you can see where alot of people frustation comes from, and it also takes a while…

The longer wait times are a bit of a pain, but to be honest, I’m finding them fairly similar to before patch, and all my matches are now full, which is great. I find playing as a hunter with pubs is just so painful and unbearable that I only play Hunt as a hunter with a party of at least 2, but that’s OK, because we’ve still got Solo, Arena and Evac.

Give the patch a little longer to settle down, and hopefully, a lot of complaints will be addressed :slight_smile:

Actually the people that asked for it aren’t the ones posting that they hate lol. It’s mostly newer names that I’ve noticed