Feedback after playing 54 hours


Now that I’ve played a ton, elited a bit and am thoroughly versed in all I shall offer my feedback. I love the game, I do. I look forward to playing it every day. I play monster and support primarily and I feel very satisfied with how often I get either of those roles. Its a rush, I don’t get bored, I don’t rage. I play to the end. I love the close tooth and nail matches, seeing that last sliver of monster health as the last hunter and saying damn we could’ve won that. I’m very pleased with the balance team for monsters/hunters I cannot specify this enough. They are on the ball, watching winrates and skill use and preparing fixes for the next patch. I am displeased with the balance team for evac modes. We never hear anything about proposed fixes/balance changes. I cheese win nest with bucket all the time, the TTK eggs is laughable. The entire mode could be won with just bucket and an assault, both can solo an egg in times borderline ridiculous. Kraken cheese wins defend mode as most of them are open. Rescue…don’t even get me started. Voting system is even worse. Please don’t neglect making evac balanced, it is the main reason everyone plays hunt.

My biggest gripes come from not the gameplay itself but the matchmaking system. I know it has been harped on a million times in other threads but the fact it hasn’t been atleast hotfixed is frustrating. Couple that with the fact only parts of it will be fixed at a time which will lead to more frustration.

Joining a game and the first view of it is the endgame stats screen AND getting credit for the loss is soul crushing.
Joining a game and having 1 bar of health stage 1, 2, or 3 as monster seconds from dying and getting the loss is soul crushing.
Joining a game that is already full and being forced to spectate it or leave and get a 1 min penalty is annoying.
Joining a skirmish and being forced to play evacuation matches is annoying.
Inability to choose to wait for a fresh game to open up.

Sure maybe not all of those can be fixed immediately but something, SOMETHING should’ve been hotfixed. We are 2 weeks in and I’m still facing each and every one of these problems.

My biggest suggestion for the game is to give us something to individualize. I don’t want a tiny barely noticeable color change to say I’m good. I don’t want perks to keep scaling beyond what they are now but please give us something to make us stand out. A Kraken skin that is a griffin. A Goliath skin that is an ogre, complete with massive underbite and all, a wraith skin that is very xenomorph like. I want something to stand out, allow us to diversify please. The game doesn’t have that much to offer mode wise so please expand character options. Let us paint our characters, just as we do badges, customize them. Something, anything. I will pay for it. I will not pay for a color change on my weapon or skin but I’ll gladly pay for something premium of worth.

My biggest fear is partial fixes only causing more issues. Such as making quits count as a loss, but not fixing the bugging out, failed evolution bugs, falling through the map, hacking hunters etc that would really drive the honest people to quit. I mean who wants to play with unlimited jetpack hunters flying around because the game has zero anti cheat. One simple fix for the fucked up game joining is this: If I did not pres E to take over the hunter or the monster, then do not penalize me for the loss. Give me time to look at the bot and see, kay he has no health from a leaver. Or kay im stuck beneath the map before accepting it.

Overall I will continue playing the game daily out of love for it, please make changes that will keep me playing for months to come.

P.S. Say it with me, Griffin Kraken, Ogre Goliath, Xenomorph Wraith.


Matchmaking should be the utmost priority after bug fixes because it is the only means to find games (especially if you do not have enough friends to form a full 5-man in house game). Right now it is just not good enough. It needs to do more than simple mastery level and preference comparisons. There needs to be good math behind this system to decide who to match up with.

Also, I agree with the evac balance part.


I agree, as I said that is my primary gripe.