Fed up of losing because ppl feel the need to play laz


Been a little on the fence about exactly how bad laz is. New conclusion is he is absolutely garbage in most comps. The influx of people picking him because of the challenge has really highlighted the difference to me of a game with him in it compared to Caira or even val. slim also dire but that’s another story.
Playing in semi premades (randoms who join up with mics over a session) and win rate has plummeted yday because laz. Plenty of threads about his faults. What I mean with this one is that my eyes have been really opened to how awful he really is. Hopefully the outcome of the challenge will force trs to adjust him


laz is only as good as his team is. on premades who can communicate effectively he does awesome.


Laz is bad in pubs, yes. Don’t pick him in pubs, not without at least two other friends.


Yeah on a pure premade who build a team around him I can see him being viable against certain monsters. But the kind of team that can pull off laz could prob pull of the others to better effect. I laugh when I see laz as a monster ( tho I had problems with laz Thor once, think Thor was the issue)


Lazarus with a specialized team that knows how to work can be beastly. For example with a Laz/Cabot/Parnell combo you can force the Monster to either commit to a fight for downs or bail and give you the rez. If he fights, Parnell and Cabot can punish him like crazy. If he runs, free rez.

Trapper needs to be skilled in dodging. If you have that, you’re golden.


Decent monster will always get the trapper, and quickly if Cabot is the support.Against that team it’s a kill the trapper flee til three then flatten in one go for an easy win. They have no relay defence at all.


Relay Defence isn’t always just ERHMAHGERD YOU GET A MINE AND YOU GET A MINE AND YOU GET A MI- Okay sorry, I couldn’t resist.

But I find that Parnell and Cabot can punish like craaaaazy for relay fights. Open spaces, Monster has to come to you in favorable positions…Hehehe. I’d take that over a Markov/Bucket team any day of the week.

Have you ever seen a skilled Trapper? They can pillarhump and abuse CC like a mofo. :stuck_out_tongue: Add in the cloak and occasional burst heals from Laz and that’s at LEAST a half dome (30 secs) of combat. May not seem like much, but with Cabot and Parnell, and with the Monster attacking you, it’s more than enough. >:)

I’m not saying it’s easy- it takes a lot of skill- but it is achievable.

**That being said…**If the players are good enough to make a Laz team work they’d likely be better off with a traditional team…Just sayin’. >.>


Also, it seems that most pub Lazzies don’t understand that heal burst needs to be managed for the group and gaining a strike on a teammate is acceptable when punishing a monster heavily. 3+ health bars on a monster and 1 strike is OK.

There’s also the problem of Laz rushers trying too soon or teammates stealing the revives from him.

Hyde, Laz, Griffen and sunny work well together as sunny and Griffen can work with Laz to get revives in the heat of a match. Hyde can really punish a body camper as well.

Bucket works very well here too as he can punish just as hard as any assult character. But you need a good team for bucket to even be viable.


The challenge is over soon, Lazi will be back on the bench in no time.


Laz in a team that is competent is very viable. The issue is that most randoms have no idea how to play without constant healing. Dodging and picking the places to fight are apparently very high level play strategies.

Laz should use cloak only when the monster is focusing on him. the rest of the time he should be as far away sniping. the rest of the team should be shooting the monster with weapons that take advantage of weak spots. Also grouping up or getting close to the monster(except Assault) is failure.

Losing with Laz means the monster was not running away(meaning it wasn’t being damaged enough(meaning the entire team was not very good))


I see him more than any other medic. I’m covinced that people don’t know or care about this challenge anymore than usual, they’re just picking Laz because that’s what they always do.


…But Laz is still fun to play! You won’t stop me, Midnight!

On a side note, I decided to take Kraken’s side for the event, but I haven’t played a single game as him yet… go figure. Guess that means I’m unofficially on Laz’s team, despite what I said, cause after last night I’d need like… 8 Kraken wins to offset the contribution I made for the ole’ Thanatologist. :stuck_out_tongue:


On a completely unrelated note, while i would love for Lazarus to win and get the skin, i would much rather have a Monster skin any day of the week. //

Monster skin - full reskin of cool things over the monster, especially in the Voodoo skin case. //

Hunter skin - my weapons are now a different color. //

T_T but that’s an entirely different topic that doesn’t need to be gone into… //

post hijack over. //


I generally disagree with this, my experience is that only monsters that lack conviction get scared by damage combos. Other monsters (I won’t utter their names, but top ranking ones) I’ve played against will not care about that damage. They’ll take out the trapper or support, they’ll then kite around but generally focus on taking out another hunter. If Laz is silly enough to run in then Laz will get focused down, if not then the second hunter will go down. Then the third.

Good monster players don’t play against a Laz comp any different than a Caira comp, because the method of winning is exactly the same if you are able to bring raw power and brutal speed to the fight. The only difference is that without Caira, Laz’s presence means that people are going to go down quicker.

As I’ve said elsewhere, maybe I just don’t get put up against the same mediocre class of Monster as anyone else, but the guys I see in server (granted, late at night so more than likely the try-hardiest of try hards) don’t bat an eyelid in just steamrolling through a team even if it costs them 50-75% of their health, because they’re confident they won’t lose more than 99% if they just chain their attacks and get the job done.


Laz is objectively bad. He belongs in the trash with the shitbot. This is not new information.

He offers massively high risk for minuscule reward.

Sure, he enables your team mates to avoid strikes when downed, but if the team had a medic capable of doing a medic’s job they are far more likely not to go down in the first place.

His design is ill-fitting to hunt, his very concept is flawed.

Evolve was always going to be a hard game to balance, but whoever was in charge of the medics really dropped the ball.


Laz is the only character that significantly changes how the game is played. Without him all games could pretty much be played the same, just with a different hierarchy of targets for monsters. I’d vote for more crazy concepts for hunter abilities.

Played well, a Laz team isn’t any weaker than another comp, just a different play style to the active healers.

There should be more tutorials on how to effectively play as Laz. And as a team. Uncoordinated Laz teams will get stomped by a mediocre monster pretty easily. Hopefully with the weekend challenge a few more people can learn the art of ninja revives!


Yes it is. It fundamentally doesn’t have healing and it is entirely within the monsters realm of control as to whether you revive or not. Unlike Slim where he still has some healing but also had a utility that helps in a fight… Laz brings nothing to the table outside of mind games, and the mind games don’t work on monsters that have figured out they don’t need to really worry about mind games.

I don’t mind people going around saying that they can make the Laz comp viable if they have a strong pre-made with them, but the whole “it’s not weaker” statement is objectively false.


Obviously Laz is being picked more because of the event, yes, the Hunters lose a hell of a lot of matches because of this one choice. So I can kind of feel your frustration.
But if losing match is that important wait until this event is finished and Laz will become uncommon again.


this has happened to me, people are stupid


Haha nope,

Simple focus down the assault, down him and you can literally tank the body till decay, no ifs or buts from the others.

Took down a pre made like that.