[FEB/MARCH] Quick Shot [ALL CONSOLES] $549 and Growing


#Quick Shot Tournament

This is a tournament available on ALL consoles. The rules in FULL can be found on the registration pages below. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. The February tournament, will be community funded. The prizepool will be divided after all 3 consoles have a victor. It will be divided based on the number of players.

Patreon can be found here.




##Summary of Rules


  • New Casters/Streamers are WELCOME, and we will have a broadcasting kit made available to anyone whom wants it. Notify us prior to the tournament so we can schedule the broadcasts.

  • Broadcasters will be broadcasting on their own channels with a 90s delay.
    @SuperBadJuJu & @HoonBalloon & @Mickey for Xbox 1
    @SuperBadJuJu for PS4
    @Seedsy, @SuperBadJuJu for PC


##Q&A Section:
I will post the answer to questions here, and also as a response below.

Does anyone broadcast the PS4 Evolve tournaments?
Ps4 quickshot
[ALL CONSOLES] Quick Shot Tournament
Ps4 quickshot


I think it’s fair to ban adaptations and originals with the same pick. We saw a little too much of “I ban Goliath” “OK Meteor Goliath” and “I ban Val” “ok Rogue Val”.


The variations had added a new layer of play to the characters, and based off the previous discussions, and current player feedback. I feel this change is for the better, and as a surplus, it simplifies banning as a whole.


I’m not sure about that given the fact that adaptations play do differently from their counterparts. Especially Hunter adaptations.

However! I tend to agree.


They would need to specify ones that definitely do differ greatly. IMO the only situation where this is the case may be Hank and Tech Sgt, and possibly the upcoming Elder Kraken and Vanilla Kraken. I’d rather that exceptions were made if the organisers felt they were different enough, but I’m happy for blanket rules like this.


was a new thread made simply because the OP looks cleaner? cause i would in the future simply just edit it.

just asking @Seedsy


new month, new thread. Its cleaner, more concise and people will know what their talking about specifically. Instead of having a thread with 500+ messages, bogging down the forum.
Its better for the forums, the users and everyone overall.


wanted to ask thanks.


Well, you can make the prize pool $410 now. @Seedsy


Updated :slightly_smiling:


Why is it $405? Patreon take some of it?


Patreon takes 10%.
I wanted to ensure that this money was protected from the current paypal issues, and that that numbers were displayed publicly.
This ensures that no money goes “missing” and that everything is full disclosure.


This way people actually have to pay. Gotcha.


I’ll end up giving more next week when I get paid. How long will this be up? (The Patreon)


it will be up until the tournaments close.
Feb 28th.


Good, expect more soon. Hopefully I’ll win my money back. :wink:


No rush, take your time :slightly_smiling:


Yay, another one! Gonna try to up my game this time :smiley_cat:


It’s great to see more competitive Evolve coming up :smiley:! Thanks for organizing these events!