Feb. 10th Evolve Legacy Jam!


February 10th is the original anniversary release of Evolve, so many of us plan to be playing all day, in an attempt to keep multiple lobbies open 24/7 in Evolve’s memory. If you are up for it, come and join us! Sorry, this is for the Original Evolve Product, as Stage 2 is officially dead and servers shut down.

This is our party chat room, having over 350 members now, going strong with Evolve every day:
Feel free to join any time, not just on the 10th! It’s your best bet to find a full group of other players.
(Please keep in mind that you can alter chat room notifications with the bell icon in the upper right corner of the chat…it can get vocal in there sometimes!)

Remember…keys can still be found for the original Evolve on third party sites.

Hope to see you in game!


Friendly reminder of the upcoming anniversary jam this weekend!
(Fixed the invite link for the Steam Chat - it should not expire)
Chat is almost at 450 members strong now!



Schedule cleared up for the afternoon, so expect me at some point!


Just bumping for the 10th!


I’ll try to be around when I can. Might be pretty busy today but hopefully I can either get in some matches/hangout!


How do I join


Is anyone streaming? :open_mouth:


I am, but was having issues for a little while since I haven’t streamed in ages. But there are a few of us, if you want in send a message to Sledge


We’re 4 out of 5, join so I can send some tasty, moist and delicious EARRAPE!


Everyone in the lobby left, so I guess it’s over now? But, there’s one thing you should never do because it pisses everyone off:
To decide that it’s worth being idle because you don’t agree with the host.


Only MY lobby is done…there are other lobbies open.
Dova, I try to organize the day so everyone can have a good time. Sometimes it takes compromises and concessions, or playing with others you might not care for. I discussed with both of you the situation and was hoping for a compromise. It was not had within a few rounds so I broke the lobby. I’ve played since I woke up this morning aside from about 45 minutes to eat. It depresses me when the players cannot get along. I’d rather just leave than deal with it, I’m sorry.


Being a leader, I can still see your post.
That said, I AM still glad you’re around and active here. You cut all of your ties and left, and that’s never a good thing and sets of alarm bells for me, so I tried to reach out to you. At least this lets me know you’re ok.


Sorry Sledge, I had set the settings to default on the last match of Broken Hill Mines like he asked, but he kept being idle even if I had done what he asked.
So who’s to blame, him or me?


I can’t help the situation if you remove me from your frend’s list.


I have not been on the forums since the days of old. My handle way back when was egpmass. Did my game automatically get upgraded to Stage 2? Does this mean I have to rebuy the game to play again if events like this are to happen again?


it most likely got upgraded to stage 2…which was free to play. However, the servers have been pulled for Stage 2, so you’d have to go back to Legacy edition in order to play with actual people again. It was a special day but several of the players in that chatroom play every day anyway so you can feel free to join up any time.