Features You'd like to see in finished Evolve!


I couldn’t find this yet! I’m surprised, but maybe I’m just bad at finding topics. However, let’s talk about what kind of features you’d like to see in the finished Evolve that’s not already there. For instance, I personally would like the option to turn off crouch/sneak and zoom/aim toggles. When I play First person shooters I really like to have full control over what’s happening and sometimes holding a button down is a LOT better than just clicking and hoping it sticks/not fully knowing what will take you out of sneak/zoom.

After my first game I hit the zoom button thinking I had to hold it and when I let go I walked around confused about why I was so slow. Shortly after I realized my zoom/aim mode was still up and it was keeping me from running.

Options are nice, so that’s all I’m looking for. What are some others?!

Cooldown Timers on abilities?

I agree with turning off the toggle for the Aim Mechanic, I prefer to have it snap back if I let go of the mouse.

Small quirk is the key-bindings menu in: Keyboard/Mouse Settings - Keybindings

Would be nice to make the entire menu scrollable using the mouse wheel, not just when the mouse is over the scroll bar.


I had noticed that as well, but forgot about it. Thanks for sharing!


Come post in here: https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/aim-toggle-option-is-a-must/20436/2

I’d like to keep posts for the ADS options in one thread specific to that feature so the devs can see how many people want it.


Kind of hard to have a discussion about other options as well with just “Aim toggle option” as the title. And he is also in the Big Alpha section when this is more of a general topic for multiple areas of the game and it’s development, but I’ll throw a comment/like over so that it gets noticed.

I feel like too many people in that topic section are looking for bug related/technical issue mentions and fixes than anything else so it’s hard to have this conversation there on top of everything else previously stated.


I don’t think there needs to be a discussion. If you want the option to have ADS as either toggle or hold, put your name to the list. The reason it’s not an option is because no one said anything during the original alpha.


Sorry I fixed my post, I had meant other features as well. I don’t want this to be just a topic about Aim down sight options. Like I mentioned above I’d also like the option for crouch hold, and I’d really like to discuss other possibilities that TRS haven’t implemented yet.


I only wanted to agree with the comment, but I’m still trying out the classes to see what has and hasn’t been added.

A feature that I would like to see is a “Tutorial Zone”, just to try out the classes and play with the abilities. Instead of hopping into the game and being forced to learn on the fly. This would also be nice to test different perks. =)

  • I’d like a server browser so we aren’t under the rule of the matchmaker.
  • And if the current matchmaker stays: introduce a waiting area/queue
  • The option to make a in-house game of Evolve (you with 4 other friends)
  • integrate Evolve into Steam. For example: when you are in a party being able to RMB on a person to add him to your Steam friends.
  • Benchmark option
  • more details in pre-game lobby: if a person is loading or ready to play
  • chatwindow with scroll option
  • more graphical options

those are things that come to mind thus far.


Adding of people in the post game lobby when you find nice folks is a must. Just had the best game with 3 randoms, were so co-ordinated and managed to take down a Level 3 monster for the first time, I would have loved to have added them somehow. Sadly was booted from the lobby before I could ask about steam handles.


more violent wildlife


As is the case for most of these I’m sure TRS has already thought of them, but it’s alpha so it’s more bare bones than fleshed out still, and while I’m sure steam will work with it eventually to add people easier, another note to that is I’d like an end game lobby that wasn’t timed. Getting to talk about the match especially in alpha AND add people you like from that lobby is needed, and I feel the time given isn’t enough most of the time.


Yeah, that’s why I wanted to have the people specifically wanting ADS options in the thread dedicated to that, and let this one have tons of ideas. Didn’t want to derail your thread or make it more focused than you intended. :smile:

Don’t know if it’s been mentioned in here yet, but man it’d be nice to be able to scroll through the keybindings without having to hover over the bar. I like to scroll wherever I am on the screen.


Ok. Hear me out. This is not your usual Mecha suggestion, there’s no personal mechas.

Basically, Rank 3 Monster dukes it out versus a GIANT Mecha, of it’s same height, that requires all 4 people to pilot, one on movement, two on weapons, one for rotating the view / operating skills.

It’d require a ton of teamwork, and be very frustrating, buat t the end of the day, I think it’d be incredibly fun. It’s not your usual mecha thing either, it’s like Power Rangers or something, requiring effort and Team-work.

Maybe even on the normal mode, after it hits Rank 3, there can be a Hangar that can be opened at the Power Relay with it inside, to Duke it out.

I know Mechs are over-used, but I think the way I described it would be fresh. Really no mecha games require that kind of co-operation.

I’d call it : MVM Mode - Monster VS Mecha


the ability to roar as the monster and a dinosaur/lizard/insect monster to play as


Passive Fishes. It’s not that hard.


I think the goliath already has kind of a godzilla/lizard like feel to him, but maybe that’s just me. A Dinosaur or insect type does sound quite interesting. Roaring would be fantastic. In fact some kind of taunt physical or audio taunt in general would be awesome in the finished game. People are saying Xbox has controls available for something like that on monster side, but I don’t know if hunters have room to taunt.


My games move way to quick for me to have noticed if there were passive fish, but hey at least there are bigger fish that have mechanics toward killing you :slight_smile:


Yea but I meant like an actual dinosaur (t.rex), lizard (komodo Dragon) hybrid mixed with maybe a praying mantis would be pretty Damn awesome


I can’t believe I haven’t seen this suggestion anywhere in the forum. Having a set of binoculars would be just, great.