Features that I think TRS should definitely implement into the game


Hey TRS!!! I know these ideas might have been already brought up, but I feel these should be added to make your game more immersive and fun for both the hunter players and monster players.

#Roar Ability#

We have been asking for this for the longest time. It would be so beautiful to be able to have your beasts roar on command for a badass shout into battle.

#A Sprint Option for the Monsters#

This ability will only be available at stage 3. It would be scary as hell seeing a stage 3 Goliath running at you (thus more immersive) like in the opening cutscene and thus more cool for the monster player for he sees how the monster looks first hand.

#A Grapple/Throw Ability#

Last night I was playing as Tiger OG (orginal Goliath) and it came to me. It would be so awesome to be able to pick up a hunter and throw them into a wall. Of course this would be difficult to balance, but fun nonetheless.

#Sudden Death Arena Upgrade for the Sole Survivor#

This should only be implemented if some of the combat ideas above were to be added as well. I feel the soul survivor should also get a jetpack recharge buff instead of just a damage buff, that way it could be a true 1 on 1. Because surviving for 30 seconds after your last teammate has fallen is basically a death wish when versing me. Sure the monster basically ‘earned’ the victory, but it would be cool to be that lone hunter pulling off awesome dodges, and fighting the monster in a more cinematic kind of way with a better jetpack recharge rate. Maybe make the extra damage down to 3x instead of 4x to even it out.

These are just some ideas. Sure some of these seem unbalanced as hell but I think it’ll make the game more fun for everyone. It’ll just take ALOT of thinking to balance them out. In my mind it’d be cool to see a monster throw my teammate while fighting the beast. But that’s just me.

#Anyone got Any Ideas of Their Own?#
Comment them dammit! I want to see what this community has in their minds to improve Evolve :smiley:


It would only be used to run away and easier armor up.
It would be especially annoying if the hunters don’t decide to go straight back to the relay which would be counter productive as monsters hate fighting at the relay.

Heh, if you let the sole surviving hunter run around for 30 seconds, you didn’t earn anything.
Anyway, while more features aren’t a bad thing, I don’t think Sudden Death needs to be expanded upon. It’s just there to prevent the monster from greifing by leaving a single hunter alive.

The rest of your suggestions I have no strong feelings for or against.


This at the very least/ All the others, I’m not sure about. But the ability to roar is just a gimmick, so it doesn’t need any balancing


Eh… I’ll just say, even if the damage in sudden death was bumped down by 100% there’s still the Emet thing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Remove pouncing in Sudden Death on Arena pls.


Being able to sprint by using a traversal point would be amazing, I think the gimmick though is that you could not Tavel nearly as far with a sprint, and it’s just for specific situatuions.


A button for Hunters to turn off their jetpacks while in the air. It annoys me that when I accidentally hold ‘X’ (PS4) for a split second after jumping off a cliff that my jet pack doesn’t recharge.


For consoles possibly PC too:-Button commands similar to what the Battlefield series have, so if your random team mate or whole team don’t have mic’s on you can press the keypad for quick commands i.e “Go to the Relay”, “Help i need reviving”,“Cloak me” (if you and support are last 2) “All attack the monster”(if the monsters nearly dead and you want your teamates to just use their damage weapons) “split up”,“Monster straight ahead” “Monster’s sneaking near” “Shield me”, “Heal me”,“Shield’s run out”

I’d also like more ranks/perks/maps. For perks i’d love…“Marathon”(basically you have more jetpack feul and recover it faster so you can traverse the map better as said hunter) “feral instincts” (immune from ALL wildlife attacks) “Ghost” (while cloaked your footsteps are 100% hidden from the monster)


Always liked this idea.

Monsters are always sprinting.

Scorpid had this before he became Goliath and before Hunters had jetpacks and instead had falling damage.



I think roar must be in evolve soon, ok that hunt is strategy, but it’s also psychology


It doesn’t feel like they’re sprinting but more like, casually taking their time.

How’s this stopping them from maybe trying it out and seeing how it would play? Plus Ya have to admit it would be cool to be a Goliath and pick up a hunter and throw them into a wall :3

Yesh :3


Thing is, this is a lot of extra work for a tiny thing which highly likely won’t even work out. I’d much rather have them focus resources towards adaptions, maps, and tier 6


Oh I get ya. These are things I’d like to have down the road. My main concern right now is to have TRS make actually good balance patches but I have little hope ;w;


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