Favourite match ever!


So I joined a Hunt match, looking to play as Trapper.

Was the monster…
Was the Wraith.
Was being attacked by Markov.
Had half a bar of health.
They used the dam exploit.

I STILL won.

Fucking cheaters man, they obviously suck so bad they have to cheat to win I’ve not even used Wraith much and still won, I got about 3 and a half bars from evolving to Stage 3 and that was enough.

They all but Lazarus came back on the dropship 3 times but the fool came out of his safezone to revive people because with only him left I could destroy the relay.
Would have loved to get the relay kill with Lazarus desperately trying to do something with his sniper but it was a hilarious win regardless.

Kinda hope they don’t patch that exploit exactly, it would be hilarious it they just made it kill you when you were there for 10 seconds or something so the team can sit there thinking lol we’re going to bitch ourselves a win then get wiped out and lose.
Or just make it so each monster has an ability that goes through it easily 'cause obviously there’s not much you can do without Wraith.

It took me a while to remember you can abduct people through the bottom of it, I seen it on a topic here a few days ago but I think forgetting paid off because they thought they were safe.

Some guy was saying “OP” on the mic afterwards. Not sure what he meant, he didn’t sound like he was an English speaker so not sure if it means something in a language or if he did mean overpowered.
It was hard to tell over the sound of my laughing at them.

Also two of them promptly left the match :grin:




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