Favourite Game Trailer?


What is your favourite game trailer that got you pumped up? Could be gameplay or cinematic and everything inbetween, I’m curios to know O.o
For me:

  1. Evolve: Cinematic Trailer

2. AC Unity: Cinematic Trailer

3. COD Modern Warfare: Reveal Trailer


Spider-man web of shadows. My 15 year old self got pretty excited when this trailer was released. The game was also very good as spider-man games goes :slightly_smiling:


anyone remember the gears of war one (maybe uk specific) with that mad world song. that was a good one



Bulletstorm, baby.


I love this one!


Prepare yourself for my Blizzard fan-damonium.


Skyrim. Duh.
How is this even a competition?

Say whatever you want about it now, but back then you couldn’t wait to get your hands on it!


How about that old Dead Island cinematic trailer? Didn’t match the game at all but that didn’t really matter.

So sad :cry:


Someone already stole my top one, but #2



Wait, what’s wrong with Skyrim?


I can’t even remember how many times I’ve watched the first trailer for Evolve… man I remember how much I was into Evolve with just that trailer:


Haha sorry, I suppose I kind of misphrased that.

It’s a great game. What I meant specifically was that the game is filled with hundreds upon hundreds of quests and NPC’s while still operating on 3 platforms. Some bugs were to be expected at launch, but there were still many players who weren’t sure what to think of the game when they quickly got introduced to backwards-flying dragons and floating mammoths.


While I disliked the game itself, the trailer for AC 3 was EPIC:


Ahhhhh, ok. I’m with you then!

@LordDerp I agree on both counts.


Ahh yes. AC3. I was also really excited for the game after that trailer.

Too bad the game turned out to have the most bland protagonist I have ever encountered, and the weakest story line by far.


Copy and paste the YouTube link with its own line. :smile:


Not working still.


The YouTube video. When I press on that link it says nothing is there.