Favourite Comic Hero/Villain (and stuff between >.<)

state who your favourite comic character is and why ^^


Red Hood is my favourite mainly because (to me…) he is second to Batman. Alse because of his choice of weapons >.<
(and Batman is too mainstream :stuck_out_tongue:)

What’s yours? :smile:

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My favourite “hero” is The Incredible Hulk. He’s my childhood.


I now imagine your childhood filled with many screams >.<
(or shouts O.O)

I never read comics, but this was pretty cool.

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Reminds me of Marvel vs Capcom a lot. Cus I’m weird…
(I don’t read comics but I know the Characters.)

comic hero…theres so many tho.

from US comics like DC and marvel: Hulk or Captain America

anime/manga: kenshin himura

villains: Ultron (please read, not based on the AoU movie lol)

Anime/manga: Griffin (berserk)

US: Dr.doom. hes not really bad. he helps save the planet a billion times. but its HIS planet. so hes sorta evil lol,

anime/manga: Akuma; his purpose is to fight and defeat anything in his way with his fist. but he does evil things to try to get ppl to reach their full potential, just to beat them back down to the ground again.

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Every monster who lets the last Hunter live >.<

Edit: When do you plan on getting a picture for yourself? O.o

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Favorite Hero: Batman
Favorite Hero Sidekick: Batgirl (Barbara)
Favorite Villan: Mr Freeze
Favorite Villan Sidekick: Harley Quinn

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I have always had a thing for Venom


Favorite “hero”: Tank Girl

Favorite villain: Probably Joker, but when he’s with Harley, he wins hands down.

Honorable mentions: Hulk, Venom and Livewire

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Enough said.

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My favorite comic character is arguably Deathstroke, even if I don’t go for the villain characters usually.

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  1. Batman 2. Joker 3. Predator 4. Deathstroke 5. Bane
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Love Deadpool >.<
(just not as much as Red Hood)

Can’t wait for his upcoming movie O.o

Hero: Flash/Spider-Man/Mugen(Samurai Champloo)
Villain: Bane/Venom/Vicious (Cowboy Bebop)

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Why do people like Venom so much? O.o
(I like him just because of the cartoon I used to watch >.<)

I like him because he looks amazing and also Marvel vs Capcom 2. His backstory is interesting also. Carnage is cool too, but not as cool as Venom.

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That is correct >.<