Favorite tier?


Includes monsters
Being a fan of tier 2 and being pumped for the new adaptations I wanted to know which tier u r most excited for

  • tier 1
  • tier 2
  • tier 3
  • tier 4
  • tier 5

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I guess tier 1 overall.


I really like t4 becuz torvald, slim, and crow are all sooo fun to play.

Then it’s probably the t1 adaptations.


Hah. I voted Tier 3, and it shows 5 voters with 20% on each tier. Lol. :smiley:


T5 are the most fun to play for me. I love all 4 t5 characters so far so I cannot wait until t5 support comes out.


Originally it was t2 but t5 tops it


It’s really a tie between tiers 2 and 5.


5 and 2 for me.

No multi. option


Tier 3 easily for me. O.o


I’m saying t5 because of Emet and Jack. But honestly, Slim and Val have a special place in my heart.

What about a ‘medic’ ‘trapper’ ‘assault’ ‘support’ poll. lol


Crow tier.


T4 because Crow, Torvald, Slim, Behemoth are my favorite characters in their respective classes.


T4 because…I think many of us already know…


T4, Torvald and Behemoth :heart:


T1, nostalgia from the alpha.


Tier 1 because Goliath. :wink:


Well… necromancer ninja, hilarious robot, big game hunter beast, psychopath… big crackling electric squid wizard.

Easy decision

Tier 4 is a close second. I just don’t like Torvald’s character that much… brings the tier down.


@Torvald_Stavig might cry after that!

Might want to barricade your house XD jk


Torvald is REALLY fun to play, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t stand his blankness too much. If Sunny didn’t point it out and make it so obvious(adding a comedic angle), he’d really be just… boring imo.

no offense to anyone at all of course



Its ok man… I respect your opinions.