Favorite team/sport


Grew up in Western PA, Go Steelers!


There’s a seattle niners faithful group. They’re the people that take over pioneer square in full red.
but yeah, still lonely. Father in law made me wear a seahawks mohawk hat after the playoff game. nobody should live this torture.


Soccer? What is a “Soccer”?

Any fans of Manchester United here? :stuck_out_tongue:


Greensburg pa go steelers and pierats


5,11 was it or124 you decide… no hating on my steelers


Hah! I grew up in South Hills (Finleyville), but I lived in Irwin for a year and Greensburg for two. My wife is from North Huntington. Small world.


Thats crazy small world who knows I might of saw you


Seahawks easy get that Steelers shit out of here we already know who is the best team :wink:


Sea hawks suck bro Russell Wilson can go $$$&$$& steelers have won 6 super bowls so yea… no disrespect hate sea hawk and reavens keep that that out of here


Too bad their last superbowl they couldn’t even win without help from the refs


Seahawks got killed dont be saying the refs helped.I have a terrible towel from that game just to remind ne when my steelers aren’t so hot. Manning throwed that game in the super bowl


My favorite team by far is the Steelers. Steeler Nation represent!


Thank you my friend



So are we supposed to find you in that crowd, Slab? xD


Steel nation plus I bought this gloves when I was in pa


It’s like Where’s Wally…

Except in this case it’s Where’s @SlabOMeat


van Persie ofcourse <3


Sorry, Chelsea F.C. fan here…


I live in the Bay Area, too, but grew up in So Cal. As a lifelong Dodgers fan, it always drives me nuts to see so many people wearing Giants gear all the time (understandable, of course, since I’m up here!).

So yeah, we’re pretty much sports rivals except for the NFL.

NBA: Lakers
MLB: Dodgers
NHL: Kings (woot woot Stanley Cup champs 2012 and 2014!)
NFL: Philadelphia Eagles (weird, right?)
NCAA: USC Trojans (of course!)