Favorite team/sport


I’ve been seeing all those threads like this so yea.I love steelers note: if you dont know its a nfl team.football


I played basketball in college and I coach basketball to kids when I have free time. I have coached highschoolers before, but right now I am running a kids summer camp. I plan to train to be a referee so I can ref high school bball.

I am pretty serious about the game, still after all these years… I was a MVP in my local men’s league and the high scorer.

I used to love the Bulls as a kid because of MJ, but I moved on to the Spurs once MJ retired. My uncle bleeds white and green for the Boston Celtics and I watch most of the NBA with him… So I am pretty much a Celts and Spurs fan. :smile:


Im more of a football guy I suck so bad at basketball


Football: Houston Texans (don’t judge meh! Haha)

Basketball: Oklahoma City Thunder (only because I’m currently stationed here…)

Other than that I don’t watch sports other than the NFL. :u5408:

Fun thread! I also played WR/TE in high school… But that was waaaaaay back a million years ago.


Houston Texans :’( go steel house. I play lb and te


I lived in Houston when they came to be… So I’ve been a fan of them since the beginning. Through the ups and downs(90% downs though haha).

I just feel sorry for Andre. :’(


My steelers are finally getting it back and all my friends are bronco fans:-(


Just remind them of how well they played last Super Bowl… :wink:


Dallas Cowboys even though they haven’t reall had much success since Troy Aikman left


College Football: Texas Longhorns “HOOK’EM”! It’s 12:21pm central time and OU still sucks!

NFL: Yup, A Dallas Cowboys fan here. Love the team, dislike the owner. I can say as a fan, we need a better QB

NHL: Dallas Stars

MLB: Texas Rangers, didn’t expect them to win a pennant during my life time but manage to do two in a row. Wish they could of won one of the WS they appeared in.

NBA: Dallas Mavs fan here! Our big German “Dirk Nowitzki” recently took a huge pay cut because he is loyal to the team! Just like when Tim Duncan for the San Antonio Spurs last year. When I’m not rooting for the Mavs, I’m rooting for the Spurs! Texans stick together.


I’ve played tennis for nearly ten years, so thats my favourite sport.
I also play rugby, basketball, practise Bujinkai karate and do athletics whenever tournaments pop up.


I live in Seattle.
NFL: 49ers
(favorite sport) MLB: Giants
MLS: Sounders
NHL: Sharks
Rugby: All Blacks


Go Broncos


I live in the Bay Area so it’s pretty much as you would expect.

Not big into basketball but:

NBA: warriors
MLB: giants
NHL: sharks (big sharks fan)
NFL: 49ers

Moats, you must be pretty lonely being a niners fan in Seattle eh?


That’s what I was thinking too. Lol


The loyalty of players like Dirk and Tim is awesome. I wish more people in the league were like that.


Soccer fan. Dont hate me :frowning:


No hate here! <3


I played soccer in high school, fun sport! Just boring to watch in my opinion.


Same…Soccer fan here, just did not add in my original post…