Favorite Superhero Movie


What are your guys favorite superhero movie? Mine has to be Dark Knight.


Hmmmm, that’s tough. I don’t think I could honestly pick just one.


Mine so far is still Thor, followed by Guardians of the Galaxy 1&2.


I can’t really pick just one, so I’ll just list a few of my favorites. This isn’t in any particular order.

Finally, a bit of a non traditional super hero movie:



Honorable Mentions


Nothing beats Dark Knight, you have summed it all, on your own thread. Nawtin

Underrated movie = Hardcore Henry

Good time for a saturday night with chaps.

have u seen Megamind?
since you mentioned incredibles. there is so much good in megamind, in humor, story and what i learnt. Likely you have seen it anyway, but if you havent, there is Will Ferrell and he’s awazing ! Although being an animation, it’s one of my fav film of all time.

ooh ooh Iron Giant was spectacular. it reminded me of Treasure Planet too, what an awazing film. sad for how its box office tragedy ended it.

Ohhh i just remembered !

Space Cop, a real comedy and non disgusting superhero movie. Worth the watch, for laughs.

Cant pick one. Do you like Kung Fury? all awesomeness in here, and super 80s soundtracks.
short movie before film official link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS5P_LAqiVg&t


Of course I do! I also picked up Hardcore Henry but haven’t been able to watch it yet.


Batman vs Superman

######Iz a joke, no hate plz


It’s a really tough one, I think my first instinct was Unbreakable, though it’s been so long since I’ve watched it that I’m not 100% sure if it still would be or not. I saw The Mask again the other day and that slightly off piste superhero movie is one I’d definitely rank highly.

Most superhero films I’ve seen, more than half I mean, I enjoyed immensely at the time but in retrospect have found flawed. Trying to just go “Don’t overthink it, what would you pick if you only had 5 seconds” I believe my mind keeps going back to Watchmen.


You know what, I’ve finally got around to watching the ultimate edition, and I think it might be my favourite. Lex is a bit more fleshed out as a manipulator, the path through the film is so much better paced and explained


Yes. And it gave a better reason for Superman to dislike Batman.