Favorite RPG?


I didn’t see a thread on this so, what’s everyone’s favorite RPG or JRPG ? I’m a big fan of the tales of series. My favorite is tales of vesperia, I dumped hours and hours into that game.


I haven’t really played any JRPGs. But as for RPGs, I’d say Knights of the old republic, Fallout would be the two that come to my mind the quickest


Which fallout? I played so much fallout 3


Definitely all the Paper Mario games!!! :smile:

Except Sticker Star…


My favorite RPG is either Evolve or R6:Seige.


I didn’t like sticker star >.> . 1000 year door was my favorite.


I wouldn’t really consider any of those rpg’s. Anything else?


They most definitely are RPGs. You play a certain role and every other role is entirely different and unique.


I agree, I really loved 1000 Year Door!! But Sticker Star… they took out almost everything that made the Paper Mario games great.

I really wish they put Paper Mario 64 and Paper Mario a 1000 Year Door for 3DS! That’s actually one of my biggest wishes!


By your definition of RPG I’d go with Skyrim. Played over 4,000 hours of that game and I haven’t even found everything the game has to offer.


Paper Mario 64 made me fall in love with the series. If they did a HD version of them both I’d buy a 3DS just for them. What’s your favorite boss in 1000 year door?


Skyrim and The Witcher 3


My favorite has to be Rawk Hawk and Dooplis!! I had so much fun fighting them!!

But I honestly loved every single boss!


How’d you like the witcher 3 I’ve heard nothing but good things!


I think mine was bone tail, it took me so many times to beat him :frowning: . So satisfying when I did though.


You haven’t play The Witcher 3?!?!?


Ummm no? Sorry I guess 0.o


No no no, I’m just saying that you’re missing out on one of, if not the, best game of the year. I’d suggest buying it.


My friend share played it to me, and I got to fight a little which was cool. The only reason I haven’t bought it is because I don’t think I could put the time in to enjoy it right now. I’m so busy :frowning: unfortunately, I’ve been able to play fallout 4 a little but that’s about it.


Paper Mario the thousand year door