Favorite perk synergy?


What perks do you find work really well with specific hunters? For example, I think quick switch works great on Abe. Constantly keeping the monster stasised, darted, and doing damage. I really like reload for torvald because I prefer more quick bursts rather than fewer sustained ones. What do you guys find to be really effective?


Damage increase on Hyde.
Once you learn the juggling act he needs, you can keep constant damage on the target, so why not boost it by 15% ^.-


I also almost always use damage on Hyde. His buffs made him so much better, which is great considering how much fun he is.


Quick Switch for Abe, Val, and Cabot.

I started using it for Cabot because it gives the Railcannon and Amp more flexibility.


Reload speed on griffin=no escape for the monster


I think Jetpack Recharge or Move Speed work for that too.


Well reload keeps him trapped just as well as those ones but it also means your team will be still be near you while your doing this, so they can punish him as well


Damage increase on Hyde
quick switch on Abe
reload on caira


Capacity increase on Caira, 99% of the time. More overall healing, easier to heal through bursts, and you can get downed hunters up without reloading.


move speed on all medics cause it gets them out of dodge very effectively


Reload for Torvald and Sunny and Hank.
Jet pack boost for Val and the trappers usually.
Laz gets reload.
Markov I like to go for capacity so I can fire longer
Hyde gets damage
Parnell gets regeneration.
I never play bucket so I wouldn’t even know what to do?
Cabot used to be damage before the patch. Now I pick reload because he fires so slow.


Forgot to mention: I started using Quick Switch for Cabot as well, so that I can Amp a bit more liberally. Without it you have to be careful because mistiming the Amp forsakes a lot of Railcannon damage.