Favorite Movie Scenes


Oof, okay, uh, my favorite movie scenes. I have a lot of favorite movie scenes. I’ll try my best to get them all here. This will miss a lot of Godzilla scenes because my favorite scenes are typically not on YouTube and Toho is very protective of Big G. At least I can get a lot for Alien.


Shin Godzilla:


Alien: Covenant:



Alien: Resurrection:


Predator 2:


Alien vs Predator:

This one just for how pure stupid-awesome fun it was.



Terminator 2:

John Carpenter’s The Thing:

Godzilla 2014:

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back:

Close encounters of the Third Kind:


Little Shop of Horrors:

Prince of Egypt:

Okay, that’s all I can remember right now. I’ll probably wind up thinking of more.


As much as I like a decent amount of cut footage, I really disliked a LOT of the extended Parker/Lambert scene. The Alien Crab Walk is just soooo bad… I’m glad none of it made it in.


Alien crab walk is hilariously bad. They were right to cut it. I too agree that the released version of Parker and Lambert’s deaths are the best version.


Such a good movie though :slight_smile:


It really is. Probably my favorite movie of all time.


This is why I both love and hate Alien Isolation. I think it was a great game, but I disliked it’s use of continuity and the Alien taking a side step to game mechanics. (Which is somewhat understandable)


I absolutely adored it. I felt that a return to the Nostromo 's claustrophobic environment was a perfect idea to go with. It certainly sized up better than Colonial Marines, and it reintroduced the Xenomorph that couldn’t just be shot and killed, which in my opinion is leagues more interesting than fancy looking gun fodder for the action heroes.


True, I just disliked how much noise it made and how it felt artificially tethered around your character. It would have been much more interesting to have the alien work around ‘hotspots’ caused by activity and noise and not just because you are there. Again, game mechanics over alien mechanics. I understand that they wanted something between the ‘hide and seek’ and this is why there were synths and humans to work around but they felt largely forced.

The atmosphere itself was nailed 100% and I think it’s extremely faithful to the movie though. Also, flamethrower was way too good because you could just sprint around and spray the alien in the face a couple times like water spray to a cat’s face :stuck_out_tongue:


It definitely made a lot of noise. I think the one drawback to anything is to make sure you’re making a horror game first and an Alien experience second. If it was totally realistic to the films, the Xenomorph would have super soft steps and could climb around on walls and ceilings which would be ludicrously OP…but now that I think about it I’d want to test my mettle against that Alien :wink:

The alien actually is tethered to you via a certain radius. There are actually mods to remove its “leash,” it just means you encounter it a lot less. Might make it more fun for you, though! :slight_smile:

And yeah, flamethrower’s eh. That’s why I always play Nightmare. One puff of flame costs like 60-70 units and fuel is super rare so you can’t really spritz the Alien too much, especially since it takes way more than a spritz to chase it away on Nightmare and there are still sections where using the flamethrower is mandatory.


To be fair I think this is the only mode worth playing. Even still, it’s not like the game is that much harder, but you do have to scrounge a bit more for parts but I still always have maxed consumables because there aren’t as many times when it’s needed. I wish there were more times where a noise maker made a difference. As it is now, you don’t really need them just patience for the most part.

This :slight_smile: I wonder if there is a ‘silent’ mod out there.


The challenge maps are amazing for this sort of thing. I always try the really long challenges without saving. Makes the ending super intense :X


I wish the challenge ones were a bit more… I dunno. They didn’t really fill an itch that the main game couldn’t and rote memorization defeated a lot of the ‘challenge’. That being said, the second Ripley mission (The air vents) was one of the few times I was surprised because it was one of the few areas of the game where an alien would chase you around in the vents (Unless it saw you go in or you were super loud)



Stays funny



Alien, Godzilla, Predator, Terminator, The Thing, Jaws. and Little Shop of Horrors? Did you like read my mind or something? That’s a good portion of my favorite movies list right there.

Since quite a few of my favorite scenes have already been listed, I’ll only be doing a few.

The Mist -

This movie is seriously underrated in my opinion. I hardly see anyone talk about it anymore. Not only was it a pretty faithful adaptation of the original novella, but it improved the ending. Instead of being so open ended like the original story, it had such a twisted and out of the blue ending that nobody expected it. Stephen King himself even said that this ending should have been the one he wrote since he enjoyed it so much.

This scene is up there with my favorites as well. It’s terrifying, yet beautiful at the same time. Pretty lovecraftian in a way as well. A creature so big that it doesn’t care to even notice you. Bravo to the creature designers for this movie, they really nailed the monsters here. They really feel like actual animals trying to survive in a non native environment. The music they chose for the last act of the movie is also excellent.

I really recommend this movie to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

Captain America: Civil War -


You can really tell that nobody really won this fight. Steve may have beat Tony, but they both lost something here. This is the final nail in the coffin, the final thing that tore the Avengers apart. Now earth is vulnerable enough for Thanos and his Black Order. I can’t wait to see how these two come back together for Infinity War. Robert Downey Jr. has been teasing another Cap/Iron Man confrontation, so I’m pretty excited.

Dr. Strange:

I love how they changed the formula for the “final battle with the villain” here. It also isn’t specified how long Strange was looping time. He could have been toying with Dormammu here for years. Dying over and over again just to get him to submit. I also think that it’s pretty badass that someone would be willing to die repeatedly, possibly for all of eternity, just to save everyone back on earth. Takes some guts.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 -

Though, this end fight is nothing like the original fight in the book, it’s still pretty awesome. Quite a nice conclusion to a franchise my family and I had followed for a pretty long time. I also love Neville’s “redemption” scene with Nagini.

IT (2017) -

I loved the way Bill Skarsgård portrayed Pennywise in the new IT. You can tell that this is the first time that Pennywise has experienced any kind of fear. It’s his first time being afraid of something, rather than being the thing that others feared. I also love the little bit there at the end, right before he slides back down into the deepest part of the sewer. The creature makes one last attempt to get into Bill’s head with that saying, then recoiling before he can get struck again, like a hurt animal. I can’t wait to see the direction they take the sequel.