Favorite Movie Scenes


I know these aren’t from a movie but a TV series but…

Breaking Bad:


TBH I’m a little offended this isn’t the first video that was posted

also this


Who doesn’t love some good old fashioned name calling? You’re killin me smalls


For me it is undoubtedly this scene. Nothing is cooler than when he says “My turn.” There is nothing that will sway my opinion on this matter.


Basically the whole damn movie. :grin:


It’s a shame that this movie was released when it was. People still weren’t all on board with the hating everything, especially government, stage. It was a really good movie and didn’t do super amazing in the boxoffice even though I think it’s one of the greats.


I really love My Cousin Vinnie. My favorite part was him trying to get the Judge to understand Youths :stuck_out_tongue:


Wind River:

Gone Girl (Spoiler warning):

Kill Bill:


Hotel Rwanda:

(You’d have to see the film to understand the weight of this scene. Basically, having to present a normal everyday face when you carry the weight of something terrible upon you)


I love that film. As an added note, it’s based on a true story. The manager is still alive and is working as a taxi driver in Brussels.


Oh crap, ooooooooh crap.

Well, Imma start with the recent ones.

Civil War - When both sides are right and they understand where the other side is coming from but they cannot budge for the life of them. I am talking about the talk scene. Not to mention that with a single sentence, Vision established himself as someone EVERYONE listens to. He just has that way about him.

Jurassic Park - Ian Malcolm explains that there are waaaaaay too many unknown variables present in a park with dinosaurs in the middle of the ocean for him to give his seal of approval.

Kill Bill 2 - When BB goes against L, it’s not the fight that gets me but the fact that when BB grabs Budd’s sword, I can almost see Budd holding the Hanzo sword with her. BB with her right, Budd with his left. Bushwacker or not, what wins a fights sometimes are brains and thanks to his, Budd became a badass not just without even appearing in the scene but also from beyond the grave.

Warcraft - Forming uneasy alliances is par for the course when building a new house requires you to invade someone else’s world. Durotan knew this and this led to a pretty emotional scene that touches upon a lot of today’s issues, including immigration.

Lord Of The Rings - There are way too many scenes to list here but if I would have to pick one is where Sam picks up Frodo and carries him up the Mountain Of Doom. To put it a bit into context, they were famished, dehydrated, breathing air that was poisonous and still had a lot to climb. Howard Shore’s choice to go with a choir rendition of the LOTR theme fits so perfectly with the thematic here.


Shin Godzilla (aka Godzilla: Resurgence):

Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition:

Kong: Skull Island:

WARNING: Ending is graphic

Logan (WARNING: Graphic):

Godzilla (2014):


Logan was such a great movie. Truly underrated imo.


The R-rating probably contributed to that. If it was a PG-13 movie then it would made over a billion for sure.


This is probably why i pre-ordered and have watched it over 10 times… When i was 16 id watch any movie that much. Now It has to be decent or visually impressive for 2 or 3 watches. I Can also almost make it through the movie without shedding a tear now… that ending tho… gd it! :slight_smile:


I dunno, R rated movies can do well, and not all PG-13s do amazing. I think a lot of it is semi super hero fatigue but also because I think that a lot of people are just done with X Men in general. I honestly thought, not another wolverine movie again, when I first heard of it. I mean, Hugh has been doing Wolverine for 18 freaking years. Thats a really long time and when not just the first 3 that more or less revolved around him, then he had some crappy spin offs as well I can see why people leered away. I don’t think the R rating had as much to do with it.



Arashi No Yoru Ni (One Stormy Night)

(5 mins in and on)


Underrated? Everyone I talked to said it was one of their top 3 superhero movies of all time.


Maybe underrated is the wrong term. It didn’t seem to be as popular as it deserved, I guess is what I’m saying. It was liked by those who saw it, but I don’t think it ever hit that ‘main stream’ status where everyone saw it.