Favorite Movie Scenes


@Matthew is a movie/tv enthusiast. If you’ve ever seen his YouTube videos, they’re full of references to movies and shows. What’s your actual favorite scenes Matt?




The battle of helms deep
Velociraptor and Trex fight at the end of JP


JP end battle, JW end battle, BvS battles, all the Avengers (including AoU) battles.


Using @SledgePainter’s formatting, here are mine :smiley:

Obvious spoilers for the respective movies, and yes, I’m a pretty big AVP fan. :smile:

[EDIT]: Spoiler system is acting up a bit and won’t let me post spoilered videos, but if you click them they should be there.


Alien: Resurrection:


(Warning: Language)


You don’t have to post spoilers for movies that have been out for forever :grinning:


Yes, but I’d still rather go through the small bother of adding [</10>spoiler] [</10>/spoiler] than potentially spoiling a great movie for somebody who hasn’t watched it. :smile:


Literally watching this exact scene right now!

Mmm…the sound of those guns just does it for me.


Such gunfire. Much sound effects.


2008 was such a fucking good year.


John Q:

(Truly a must-see poignant film)

Man on Fire:

I Am Sam:

Phone Booth:

(Warning: Language - but this is a really fun movie all taking place in just one location…it holds your attention the entire time!)



Die Hard:


Lord of the rings

Indiana Jones:

Cast away:


This fight!

Gone Girl, one of my favorite movies! Loved this scene! (spoiler alert)

Black widow being a badass

Awesome acting, hilarious scene!

This scene, oh god… (also one of my favorite movies)


Not the scene I was looking for but still a really good scene from the movie :heart:


I can’t think of a clever way to describe it.
The closure of such a great tale, the music, the acting… everything is just right.


Y’all never closed this thread so I am bringing it back!

From the movie CRASH:


Reposted this since the original link from an earlier post got deleted, and this is an amazing movie.

I Am Sam:


Just a couple so I don’t spam too many :slight_smile:

In general a great movie. I love the line about what he thinks is best about humans.

Despite what people think, I still say Waterworld was actually a decent movie. This scene just really captures trust and love in a great way. The music is also amazing.

I just literally linked this in another topic but it fits here to.


Love a lot of the scenes from the Saw series, but I don’t think people would want to see twenty-plus videos from it.