Favorite monster from monster hunter?


who here loves monster hunter, i do, but anyway, whats your favorite monster? post a picture of it, preferably wiki render, and then say why its your favorite! heres mine:

why? his tail is a freakin sword!!!





ive never played this game is it good


Damn, this is such a difficult question to answer as there are so many that are just awesome.

I mean, I quite like Zamtrios, just for the creative absurdity he brings to the table. Zinogre, and Gore Magala are both awesome not just for aesthetic, but for the way they behave in battle (Zinogre’s pimp-strut, nuff said) same could be said with Narga. Then there’s things like Chameleos, who is just a wonderfully absurd take on a classical dragon.

I think, when all is said and done, though. I’d have to go with Teostra. A simple, yet creative and unique take on a classical dragon.



Creepy, disgusting, stretchy, fleshy thing that shoots lightning. I must have it’s skin for my armor!
Khezu is my favorite bc it’s the first thing I remember whenever I think of monster hunter. :laughing:


Diablos FTW!


Gore Mangla


oh yes It is a damn good game it is long too!


You stole my idea I love the gore Magala but if we are talking favorite then

this guy takes the cake for looks!


Then post gore mangla as well :slight_smile:


we should also add a chart for your favorite monster hunter 4u memory’s


Hell, if there are enough players here we should get a thread going for MH4u parties. I know that I’ve definitely not spent enough time playing the game, I haven’t even hit G-Rank yet.


I love the look of the new Leviathan, Bubble Dragon is baest.

I like this idea :3


The jho, climb all the way to the top of the food chain by being the most dino thing alive.

It even got a super saiyan mode.

In addition, the laggy, tropical ocean, swimming all day. They live the best live.


Playing Monster Hunter Tri for the first time, I think the absolute scariest moment for me was meeting this guy for the first time. I will never forget the intense experience, and it’ll always leave a special place for this game in my heart. #Lagiacrus


[quote=“monstrous, post:15, topic:83182”]
It even got a super saiyan mode.
[/quote]Now, now. We cannot have a discussion about Super Saiyan Monster Hunter monsters without giving some love to the OG on that front.

We must never forget the Rajang!


I would love nothing more than to forget that raging git T__________T G rank Rajang=Killer of fun.


Yeah, G-Rank Rajang often made me glad that I was a Hunting Bow main. XD


I’m a Greatsword man, and fuuuuuuuuck, I rage so hard at him, so fast, so hard to hit, and I can never land a charge swing on him, and his damage, nnnnnnnnnnnnngh