Favorite Monster Combo Attacks?


My personal favorite is for Wraith.

Knock the enemy into the air with a melee attack. Catch them mid air with Abduction, putting them in position for another melee attack. Then warp blasting where I think they’ll end up.

What’s your favorite?


Goliath: Knocking a hunter out of the air with Rock Throw, then immediately Leap Smashing them. If you’re level 3 it’s usually enough to down the hunter.


How do you even do that combo? Whenever I hit a hunter mid air with a rock, they go into orbit.


That sounds pretty hard to pull off, but really rewarding when you do. I gotta give that one a try.

I can’t even hit things with Rock throw though xD


Charge a hunter into a corner then rock throw in their face at point blank range. Dodge that!


Haha a common problem with the rock throw. The times I’ve successfully pulled this off, they were either very close to me when I nailed them with the rock, or I was on top of a cliff (giving me longer range for the Leap Smash).


It’s tough, not gunna lie. There’s always a point where the hunter’s jetpack jump levels off though - try aiming for the peak of their trajectory.


vortex the hunters together into a small space and drop down with banshee mines en route while aftershocking them.


Goliath flame breath. Hunter backs away. LEAP SMASH! BWAHAHAHAHA!


Don’t really have any combos best I’ve pulled off was leaving a direct track to the exit of a cave and placing banshee mines around the outside and using lighting strike the moment the mines start screeching. They also try to dodge the strike and ignore the mines only to get hit by both.


Crouch, vortex close range and right when it’s about to hit them you sneak pounce. Not very useful but pretty satisfying to pull off.


As Goliath, leap smashing a hunter into a wall, then proceeding to use rock throw on him, beating him to death with it.
This is why I don’t understand why people say you have to kill the medic first, they can only heal the hunter while said hunter is alive.


Its easy.I go into fight with Goliath and start:


So it looks like i’m playing piano and if anyone is looking me they thing a)i’m retarded b)i’m so cool at this game


Leap smash to medic. Wait for them to pop invis. Fire breath. Laugh all the way to the monster bank.


Follow the team as wraith, wait till they’re about to go off a cliff, abduct someone from max range and pounce attack for a free kill, while they’re team has to wait for fuel to get back.


The Goliath combo.

this is an example.

←↙↓↘→ + Leap attack , ↑↓↘→ + Rock Throwing, ↑↑ + Charge, ←→ + Fire breath



I combo Rock Throw, Leap Smash, Fire Breath, and Charge outta there!


Kraken killer here.

Aftershock drop to ground + heavy melee + vortex + lightning strike= automatic death. it all combos and is undodgable after the heavy melee


I’ll make it simpler.Hit-Hit-Lighting Strike-Mines-Hit.Its dead.


thought we were going for style points XD.

and mines can be stopped there. im pretty sure they can at least by teammates.