Favorite hunter


Witch if your favorite for dialogue it’s emet all time favorite Hunter is…hyde he is like you wanna fight mate witch is your favorite


:abe: seems like a genuine dude that kicks ass


It’s a really hard decision, but I would have to say Lennox, Caira or Slim.

Going by personality, not gameplay.


Hyde is my spirit animal


Lennox, Val, Griffin


Kala is my favorite, because she has monster abilities and is a monster/human.


jack chases his prey, none can escape


Which hunter is your favorite for dialogue? Mine is EMET. My favorite hunter overall hunter is Hyde because he’s constantly looking for a fight. Which hunter is your favorite?


Favorite has to be Slim or E.M.E.T. Never had as much fun playing medic as those two. Plus, Slim’s dialogue is hilarious. I love how much of a douche he is.


Just about any Hunter who’s a bit of a jerk and has profoundly vulgar language.

Seriously it would be funny to have Slim/Emet, Abe, Hyde and hopefully some foul mouthed Support on a team together and during a chase they all start cussing each other out.

Abe - “So Slim! How much do you think you’re worth when turned in?”

Slim - “Not much considering you’d never get the chance to do so.”

Abe - “I can’t remember if y’all are worth more dead or alive.”

Slim - “How about you fuck off before I accidentally put a few leech rounds in your face.”

Abe - “Oh ho! Is that a threat coming from the big bad Bugman? Ya wanna go fucker? We can get started the moment we kill this Monster!”

Hyde - “Daawww… look Bucket! The wee lads are having a little fight. Oy! Just so ya know I’m eating whomever loses! I’m fukin starvin!”

Abe - “Why do you have to be such a twisted fuck?!”

Slim - “Why do you have to be such an asshole?”

Abe - “Because it’s no fun otherwise!”

Hyde - Whispers to Bucket “Oy, I hope Slim loses! Never had Bugman before! Wonder if he’s crunchy on the outside and all gooey on the inside…

Bucket - “We need more Robots… and Emet doesn’t count.”


Favorite dialogue is a tough one, I really like Hyde and Abe. As for all time favorite Hunter, I have to go Rogue Val.


Favorite dialogue emet, hands down.

Favorite hunters are all of tier 5+ Crow & Sunny, since they all have personality traits that I have too :grin:


Dialogue: Emet, Hyde, Slim, Abe

Gameplay: Kala, Blitzkov, Lennox, Torvald


Bucket :bucket_salute:


Mmmh…I like melting faces so…HYDE!


I’ll recategorize this thread to hunters section since its about hunters if thats ok for ya ^^
Btw my favorite hunter is hyde :stuck_out_tongue:


Would have to be Lennox for my favourite character. I like how they could have put a younger woman, a younger man even, but they chose an old woman. Most likely to contrast with the fact that she’s in a big badass metal suit designed specifically to kill the monsters who took over her colony.