Favorite Hunter?


Everyone has that one hunter they can’t stop playing as, whats yours?


Hyde is love Hyde is life


Monster player here. Behemoth :heart: :sunglasses:

But if I play hunter - occasionally - I would say: Crow.
His skills are designed such way, that you can effectively use them all. I like it.
(I always take “quick switch” perk for him)

Having said that - in my opinion his Gobi needs nerf. At least cool down time. Ideally: reduce its ability to spot sneaking monster or monster which is hidden behind the wall, in cave etc.
Right now Gobi + Statis gun + Sunny jetpack booster => monster virtually cannot lose hunters once spotted.


Cabot. Val comes in close second, Griffin third.


gotta agree, havent got round to playing the game in a while but when i do im buying crow!


Slim I suppose, I can keep my team healed up real nice with him.
Although Crow is the guy I soloed that Behemoth with.
OBs are fun…
I vote Goliath


Crow, then Griffin. Caira third. Then Val, Laz fifth.

Dammit, I could go on and do a top 10 on this…


GOBI,Gobi, Gobi gObi, GoBi, gObi.


Lazarus all the way.


Griffin will always have a special place in my heart, even though I’ve been spamming Maggie + Crow recently (Must… elite… all… trappers…)
I still really love playing as Caira + Sunny too. Definitely my favourites for those classes.


It used to be Abe. Now it’s Crow.

Dat Rifle :3


Gotta be Hank


My favorite is probably Hyde. He isn’t the best, and my WLR is only something like a .9 with him, but he is super fun. Melting faces, stink bomb 2.0, slightly more effective minigin, and an attitude. Very fun combination.

My best hunter it probably crow though. I don’t think I’ve lost as him yet and i have him elited. (I’m not the best dome thrower, but man his kit is nice)


Medic: Caira - I like her personality and the healing nades.
Support: Hank - Can’t get enough of the grilled canyon eel 10/10 IGN.
Trapper: Maggie - Daisy is MVP for life.
Assault: Parnell - Shotgun and Super Soldier. Short, sweet, and to the point.


Medic: Caira- Pubs need the best healer or they get stomped >_>
Support: Bucket-He’s worth something now, but people still can’t play him correctly.
Trapper: Abe-Personality, and damage output
Assault: Parnell-With quick switch he’s a monster with super soldier on.


Medic- Caira simply because her healing factor is above anyone else’s (even though slim is a close second for his damage.
Support- Hank, the shield and orbital make it for me.
Trapper- Maggie for the constant tracking and the efficient harpoon-game.
Assault- Markov or Torvald, it’s a tied between those two both in character and in loadout.


Parnell currently, it was Maggie; then I took a break from her. Parnell just does so much better than Torvald. ^.^


Parnell or hyde


Right now it’s Sunny. It used to be Val but since the patch I can’t play her.


GOLIATH!!! Is my fav