Favorite game all time


Gears of war for me and mortal kombat… but evolve looks nice

Your favourite games ( excluding evolve )


Quake 1 here. Quake 3 being a close second.



Shame to your family


gears of war 2 was the best game on xbox360. best combination in story and multiplayer.

my all time favorite game would have to be Ninja Gaiden for the xbox. the difficulty was just plain fun. i still play it.


Thank you …the whole gears games were great except for judgment


gears 1 pretty much sold me to get the xbox 360. originally i was going to get a ps3 but a game I wanted really flopped and all my friends got the xbox. it was worth it. sony took A LONG time to get good games out and now they seem to be on the right track. I think im doing good staying on the right hype train lol.


Thats what i say about gears of war :wink:


WWWWWWWHHAATT gears is da best


dungeon keeper and ufo unknown enemy (the original not the xcom remake)


Favorite game huh? I might have to say it’s a really tight toss up between about 3-4 games for me lol. Oblivion, Paper Mario & The Thousand Year Door, Star Wars Battlefront, & Heavy Rain


Tribes 2 and Tribes:Ascend

(note: this is a chasing-montage. The LD (=light defence has to get the flag back))

Such a fast paced game, easy to begin, but hard to master :wink:
Sadly, the DEV-team dropped T:A to work on SMITE & Co. :frowning:

this one’s good, too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HPWoyJ8mQI
(start from 1:09 on).


I am a Huge fan of the Halo Series :smile:


Man, I have quite a few favourites myself too.

Though I’d have to say my definite favourite of all time would be Beyond Good & Evil, I absolutely loved everything about the game including the music, characters, story and gameplay. It’s probably the actual first game to ever make me cry due to it’s plot and I’m not normally emotional when playing videogames! But yeah it was definitely a great game, love it so much I decided to get it on the Xbox 360 as well as the PC, of course the first time was when it came out on the PS2.

I just wish they’d hurry up and release the sequel already! :frowning:


Final Fantasy X and Ocarina of Time would probably be my favorites. I have to make a few honorable mentions for the first Paper Mario, The multiplayer in AC3, and Uncharted 2.


:dragon_face: Monster Hunter :dragon_face:

Saw it in a Gamestop in a mall, I think it was in 2005 for the PS2. The box art cover looked interesting and lead me to buy it, but I knew nothing about it. Was hooked ever since. Was my first console I ever connected online with. I had no idea what I was doing to connect it. My favorite one was Monster Hunter Tri, mostly because that damn claw grip thing went away. My poor hand. Bowgun customization was pretty fun. I want to try 3 Ultimate so much, but I don’t have a Wii U yet :cry:

Close second is Wario Land 3.


@thauller im glad i broke free of the spell that is monster hunter. I too bought it cheap for ps2 when NO ONE played it. and what it has become now is amazing to me. the word spread slowly how great it really was. Fata runs never grew old (Especially melee ^.^) and i followed it into tri but the server issues on tri made me stop. i played freedom on the psp and that was it. iv put way to many hours into that game. proly more than i should have. If you played mh1 you no how plate runs consumed your life lol. never again. short games only now.


Shadow of the Colosuss, Metal Gear Soild 3, & Deus Ex:


That guy looks amazing jeosph mandlery