Favorite Characters so far?


Just want to know everyone’s fav. characters so far. Whether it be one of each class or whatever.


In no particular order: Hyde, Bucket, Jack, Caira, Abe, Daisy, Gobi, Abe, Slim, Behemoth and Kraken.


You would think with my name, Wraith…
But nope. Hyde. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:monster: : Kraken, Elder Kraken, Goliath, Behemoth, Gorgon, Wraith, Meteor Goliath.



Responding to my own question because why not.
I like :trapper: Jack (as you can tell by my name), :medic: Slim, :assault: Lennox, :support: Cabot


Gorgon and Grandma Lennox Fan-Girl #1 4 life


Goliath is my dude forever


Crow all the way!


:trapper: Jack, :medic: Emet, :support: Cabot, :assault: Torvald, :monster: Goliath.


I have no one I like.


:support: Hank (my main character)

:trapper: Griffin (stooped playing after harppons Nerf) , Crow

:assault: Parnell

:medic: Slim

:monster: Wraith , Goliath , Kraken, Elder Kraken , Behemoth, Gorgon , Meteor Goliath

Favorite ability : Shield Projectile - Supernova
Favorite tracking device : Gobi
Favorite CC : Griffin harpoons
Favorite pounce : Behemoth


Lennox Griffin Kala Emet


Abe, Cabot, Caira, Wraith.


Goliath and Bob


Emet and Kala.


I watched you slowly like all those posts, following you straight down…


I was acknowledging everyone’s favorites. :sweat_smile:


my two cinnamon roll sons jack+emet and slim+crow are my absolute favs. honestly i love a lot of characters so i could go on forever but those four especially.

also a special shoutout to lennox for being the most kickass lady and best assault personality wise.

  1. Emet
  2. Caira
  3. Jack
  4. Hyde
  5. Torvald.

Emet is love… Emet is life (heh cuz his beacon. lol I’ll leave now.)


My favorites by class