Favorite banter/dialogue?

Not sure if this threads been made yet, but I love the dialogue in the game. Anyone like to share their favorites?
Mine include [Markov to I-forget-who, pre drop] “I want to die while I am young and beautiful, not wrinkly like griffin. Looks like old man’s ball sack”
Also [slim when he sees a megamouth] “hey, megamouth over here… somebody poke that rock!”

What are your favorite pieces of dialogue in the game?

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Slim finding out that Ebonstar had a captured monster 13 months ago.

Sounds interesting, what’d he say roughly? Do you remember?

-Dont know about the rest of the assholes.
-You know.People

When slim found out he simply said. MOTHER.FUCKER

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It’s the second part of Torvald’s story when talking to Slim. Basically Torvald talks about a monster wrecking his ship and slim finds out. Pretty much what @WiBaKi said. The line at the end had the perfect emotion.

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I’ll have to play a few rounds with slim and Torvald on my team. And I agree TRS picked out some really good voice actors.

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tbh i love slim crow and trovald.Those dudes sound like they are so high.I’m always looking around to see if they will pass the joint around.

I just love em

“Mother. Fucker.”



Just got this conversation and decided to screenshot it all.

[Slim] Ok, round two. Continue. Light Cruiser AJAX, you said.
[Torvald] Yes. Transporting a monster.
[Slim] Wait, one of *these* monsters?
[Torvald] Yes.
[Slim] When… how long ago was this?
[Torvald] Thirteen months ago.
[Slim] *Before* the outbreak here?
[Torvald] Yes.
[Slim] EbonStar had a captive monster before the monsters even showed up here?
[Torvald] Yes.
[Slim] Mother. Fucker.
[Torvald] Yes.


Yo i called this since i heard Caira and Cabot talking.

Monsters are experiments Ebonstars or at least someone made.Either they want them to destroy things up or the experiments just went out of hand like in Alien.

That… That is freaking cool… @Matthew Have I told you your writing is amazing? Because Evolves world is slowly coming together through these random banter/ talks, and it’s amazing.


I like the dialogue where Markov claims he likes Val and seems hurt when Hank tells him she’s a spy, even denying it’s possibility and saying he will find out the truth


key word is slowly :wink: lol


I love Hank dialogues.

“And whatever shitty beer Abe can scrounge up.”

Or when you’re on the drop ship coming back after dying, “I’m here. Quit yer bitchin’.”

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It’s like playing an interactive TV series which the story slowly unravels itself and your mind gets blown every time the smallest info comes up… I love that…

I’m seeing that too… I think evolve wont have an Evolve two, but just keep going on tiers till its explained lol

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Heavily agreed.

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I love you guys. I’m very glad you like what you’re hearing in Team D.

Some people are critical of the writing or the voice acting and to those people I say; Yeah, I am too. :smiley: Every criticism I’ve heard levelled against the work, I have also considered. Sunny sounds too cartoony, Slim just sounds like a normal guy.

But part of this process is trying to challenge ourselves and come up with things that aren’t obvious. Stuff that surprises us when we hear it, because we hope that will make the game feel fresh and stand out. So when I read criticism I almost always think “Yeah we heard that too, but we liked it for other reasons.”


Believe me when I say that this is a really fun way of keeping things fresh for the game! (Personally though, some people may not agree) I love how the story is unfolding in such a way that just keeps me playing, it’s like, “I wonder what amazing piece of lore I will hear this time…” every match… Really gets me excited to learn more about the world/ story of Evolve…

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I feel like you guys picked some really good voice actors and actresses. I feel like the voice actress for sunny has a really familiar voice, as well. Neither a bad nor a good thing, just an observation