Favorite Assault

  • Hyde
  • Markov
  • Lennox
  • Parnell
  • Torvald

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Then Lennox SEE THAT?!?! SHIELDS! SUCK It1


Same here :3



tied for 1st in my mind are Hyde and Lennox. I’m no good at torvald so I feel like I do no damage. Parnell is the runner up, and I like to play him, but he’s not good right now. I’ve recently rediscovered Markov and want to play him more, but I previously found his kit to be extremely tedious. Throwing mines around and working to get that damage when it comes so much easier to other assaults. His no skill lightning gun doesn’t feel very satisfying and does all the work for you. My main complaint is his secondary weapon, an assault rifle? cmon, every other character is tooled up beyond belief with badass weaponry and then…a rifle? Just a plain old rifle? It feels like a peashooter too. I can say pretty definitively that I hated Markov’s kit, but I dunno, now it’s just grown on me over time. I really want to play Markov these days.

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Hyde and Lennox, in no particular order.


I’m literally the only Parnell.


I think Shin might join you if he votes. He used to talk a lot about Parnell, mostly about awesome damage output if you can aim.

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GRANNY LENNY aka Lennox i love her Design so much and im Rank #1 whit her on Ps4 xD


Markov is just fun. And super low stress.


Who doesn’t love torvald?


Markov all the way. I haven’t stopped playing him.!


Fun to play? Lennoooooooox, Torvald at a VERY close second.

Effective? Torvald. No contest.

As a character, Parnabuddy. He’s nice.


What’s fun about Lennox? Only cool thing is the AA gun.


I like lance stacking and using the Strike. :smiley:

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Hyde has the most votes (at this moment)


I love to see a Torvald, the players I see use him generally can’t do it properly :smile:

He is awful crunchy though…


The Strike is okay, the lance is boring :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha cute

##Torvald MVP


DOOOOooooom nom nom nom Buuuurp

When played properly I’m sure he’s a menace, the guys I usually see playing him most definitely aren’t.

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The curse of pubs, my friend. The curse of pubs.