Favorite Assault Skin?

I was thinking of buying another skin pack soon, this time for Assault, since I play Assault pretty often.

What’s your favorite Assault skin? I play on Xbox One, so hopefully yours isn’t exclusive!

Night Hunter! By far my favorite Hunter Skin set.



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Night hunter

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Whatever the one is that gives the weapons names. I love how Markov’s lightning gun is named “Fenrir” :yum:

Whaaaaat? What’s that one!

I’ve been eyeing that one, myself!

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The Ragnarok Skins. It looks by far the best Assault skin imo :smile:

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In general it’s got to be the Night Hunter skins, but I do quite like the look of the Monarch skins.

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Night Hunter.

I like Monarch a lot. Ragnerock isn’t that bad.
I don’t have night hunter or victory.

Mine are Elite skins …

I am poor


You might want to fix that :open_mouth:

Mine by far is the Night Hunter skins but the Victory skins come at a close 2nd.

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They’re all the same to me, minimal difference. I only pay for actual skins and by that I mean monster skins.


Nah ok maybe I am not poor, but maybe I just don’t want to spend my money on skins :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same here but dont tell anyone!

yea IMO condoms are better for the price of 1 skin…

you can make baloons from them… Baloons are fun


The bestest of comparisons!


I have the Monarch skin on Hyde and I love it! :hyde_cute:


Night Hunter hands down.

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