Favorite 1V1 War stories


So does anyone have any crazy One on One, Human Vs Monster stories or clips because I just snagged this sweet one and im curious about other peoples and the craziness it gets when you are basically the last one your team or as a monster destroy everything.



first of all. medic was still alive.
Me. Griffin. Monster Goliath. Map? Wraith Trap.
My Team went down and Goliath was after me. It was at the tunnel to the Crowbill Sloth. so i had to stall for about 1 minute. I knew running away would be useless since he wiped our assault while i was still to close to simply hide so i started a insane gamble against this dude. i flew up the lil cliff. he came after me. i dropped down the cliff around a tree. he came after me. rinse and repeat for an entire minute! team dropped back in and i started moving towards em and we took it this bugger down. he almost had me a few times but i keep messing with him untill the other dropped.
i really wondered why he didn’t try to flame breath me or throw a rock but i survived that and i laughed my arse off!


I am aware the medic was alive but she (Val) was trying to review our Hyde who died and her only weapon that could do damage was her armor piercing rifle so I was 1V1 it.


hmm true that. val is bad when it comes to damage. but imagine a win 1V1 with val as the last one standingXD


Ok that would be banana’s xD


i’d wanna see that match ^^


I had a pretty good one.

Aurora got a good view while sitting on his ass. :stuck_out_tongue:

Game here (no sound)


I did that once, It was really fucking close, like he had near 0 hp and I shot him mid pounce. It was glorious! :smiley:


Markov is king of the last stand.


I somehow did that and won :scream: How? I will never know.

Also in one of the live streams Val was 1 vs 1 the Wraith and Val won :heart_eyes:


Disagreed. :slight_smile: This was a Kraken on low health. Kraken has a gigantic head. Impossible to miss.

The headshot damage on Val’s Sniper rifle is INSANE. Would’ve one hit killed him, or very near to it. :stuck_out_tongue:


(I hope you’ll understand because my english is horrible :blush: ) I was last man standing(as markov with 20%hp, goliath had about 30% and ± 10% armor) it was map… don’t remember name… with trees and small ship on landing…“pad”?(don’t know how to tell) next to the water. When rest of my team died right next to that ship it was 1:16 till drop… so i decided to try use ship for survive… all the time i was running around that ship with goliath on my back :smiley: with jet pack and clever moves(or lucky moves?) he didn’t hit me with any rock throw or leap smash(he tried a lot) i was spamming mines but he destroyed 95% of them before they activated… i couldn’t believe… but i did it and my team came back… unfortunately when they came, I lost focus and goli got me with rock throw… and now what you always want to know, but you never asked… after my “heroic” 1 minute and 16 sec run (for me it was heroic :smiley: ) rest of my team died in 25second =///