Fav Medic Poll


Whats your fav medic? :caira_cute: :val_cute: :lazarus_cute:


Favorite medic


  • Val
  • Rogue Val
  • Laz
  • Caira
  • Slim
  • Emet


Caira. Every day. All day.


I don’t play much medic but Emet has to be my fav because of his dialogue xD


Emet for the win!! :slightly_smiling:


Slim…love his utility! Val/Rogue would be next though.


He is no mere medic!


I edited your post up so people know what this is :smile: . Hope you don’t mind .


I always have the most fun as Val, even before all her buffs. Sitting way up high, healing someone 60 meters away is so fun!!!


I sense bias because EMET’s a bot too :stuck_out_tongue:


Mines as always been Laz, I enjoy what he brings to the game with his kit and he more than any character changes the way the game is played. I also feel like he is one of the ones that you can tell the difference between a low skilled Laz vs. one that knows what they are doing–as well as their team. (looking at those that still manually revive/teammates that go in for the revive)

*off topic–I look forward to seeing his adaptation, glad T2 is coming next–because Kraken is also my favorite monster, and Bucket my favorite support.

I think majority of the Emet votes aren’t because of his gameplay but more so for his dialogue. (Biased) :no_mouth:


Sorry if it’s a little bit off-topic, but, would TS Hank be a good support for Slim?


Depends on how Slim is played.

Tech. Hank arguably works well with Rogue Val because of her spread healing and so theoratically should work just as well with Slim.

The problem however is that Tech. Hank’s defense results in a constant blue glow around Slim that makes him easy to spot on top of the already weak Spore Clouds.
Once that shield is broken through you can try to manouver with Spore Clouds more succesfully but should you fail - Tech. Hank needs to recharge his shield on your which will basically just end up with Slim getting focused until out of health with no real chance of getting any proper healing done.

Though this is currently the case with every Slim comp I suppose.



Pfft! Don’t be prejudice! We are not biased like that… :smirk:

LOL! Who am I kidding? Of course we are! Robot master race ftw!


Lazarus for me.


Laz… Because Laz. ._.


Lazarus is just the most interesting of the medics in my opinion. He’s easy to counter, so he’s hard but fun to play.


I like Slim, but I can’t keep myself or my team alive ever. Hard to heal during chase if no wildlife is present and very hard to keep everyone and myself alive if the monster is jumping around a lot, which is always haha.

Lazarus is really cool. I think he’s one of the most unique hunters.


Slim’s a problem medic imo.
Even if the monster is just standing there, you can still land every single shot and still struggle to stay alive. Then add in movement/human error, and it gets even worse.
He’s not that great of a medic when played. On paper his form of healing is interesting though.


I love all medics but Emet is my fav to play as. He’s my child and I must protect him. Character wise it’s both Emet and Slim, Caira close after.

The poll makes me happy, my son is getting the love he deserves.