Father's day tomorrow hype?


Well I will give my father some juicy egg liqueur any other thoughts? :slight_smile:


Tomorrow you say? Perhaps I should remember, never got to before. ^.-


Well I don’t know if its global, at least in Germany its tomorrow ^^


I’ll google it later then. ~shrugs~


You were freaking me out for a second there.

Until I remembered that father’s day for Australian’s is in September. :stuck_out_tongue:


Im sorry wasn’t my intention to :expressionless:

Edit: The global mother day made me think about the fathers day would also be global at the same time :persevere:


Nah its all good mate!

Quite funny that you were able to freak me out. If you told me “its your brother’s birthday tomorrow”, I would probably also freak out. I am just sloppy with dates :stuck_out_tongue:.


hehe same here :stuck_out_tongue:


June 21st here, still need to remember the date. I personally don’t care what day it is, but I guess I should try to be “kind”. I seem to have a reputation with everyone I meet, for coming off as though I don’t care. Although I usually don’t, so…


June 15th here, I’m pretty sure… three days after JW… 13 days after my birthday…


I was so confused for a moment there. :stuck_out_tongue: I was like wut? It isn’t Father’s Day today… :stuck_out_tongue:


Well at least I now know that different countries have different dates for father’s day.