Father's Day gift


Got this for my dad expensive as hell but we love music to death especially classics.


Made my dad a big ass brisket and taped some headshots of Halle Berry up around the dinner table.


Pearl jam(ten)
Guns n roses(appetite for destruction)
Billy Joel
Alice in chains
Van halen
And many more to come


I know these people but I’ve always loved Billy Joel’s music


Goodnight Saigon is my number 1# song
My dad loves the rest, pearl jam is more my thing


Right now my favorite is We Didn’t Start The Fire


Looool I can never buy my dad anything serious. This year I got him a card that says “Dad, you’re like a father to me.” “No, really, I mean that.” And a golf ball. He was dying in his chair when he read it.


That’s what Father’s Day is all about