Fatality Move?


This is a suggestion for a fatality finisher move during a fight not a replacement for the pounce attack as the pounce attack is useless during a firefight with the monster where people are already engaged. Please read the ENTIRE post before commenting no TLDR will work because confusion as to what this actually is is too high. Thanks for commenting.

When watching some videos of Goliath gameplay I noticed something interesting. It seems when a hunter is at very low health or 1 hit to knock down the Goliath is able to pick someone up and smash them on the ground. Can someone clarify this because I’m not sure how it works.

What came into my head when thinking about this though is that while picking up a hunter like that and smashing him as a finisher maybe there could be some sort of fatality blow where if the other hunters aren’t dealing damage to Goliath for a second or two while grab-smashing a hunter, the Goliath may opt to pick up and start to eat the hunter whole instead. If at any moment the hunters deal damage to Goliath during this time he proceeds to smash the hunter onto the ground as per to the normal downing move. There could be a fatality move variant for every other monster as well.

What do you guys think?

EDIT: Ok for clarification purposes since this seems to be confusing people.
The Goliath may only grab someone when they are 1 hit away from being downed or at EXTREMELY low health.

Any damage dealt to Goliath will immediately stop him from devouring the hunter and instead cause him to smash the hunter to the ground and down him normally completely cancelling the devour fatality move.

This new move will keep the down mechanic completely unchanged. It just adds an extra opportunity for Goliath to devour someone whole and gain an advantage in a fight if the hunters are uncoordinated or if the Goliath uses some strategy to separate the hunters and down them during the fight.

This move will leave no body if succesfull in devouring a hunter.

Any damage will stop Goliath from devouring and only down the hunter or kill him if he has 2 strikes but still leaving a body.

Time required to devour a body using the fatality finisher about 1 or 2 seconds. Subject to variation.

Goliath is unable to use the fatality finisher on downed hunters waiting for help from their allies.

Goliath will have to devour the body of a downed hunter normally by waiting for the bleed out if he wants to remove them from the map.

Finishing move

No. The recently released AvP game had a STUPID gimmick similar to this. I don’t like ‘auto kill’ death animations. They take out a lot of strategy.


I think you misunderstood this. The hunter has to be 1 hit away from being downed or at EXTREMELY low health to do this. It’s not a 1 hit KO at any health.


It’s a custom animation that sometimes plays if Goliath lands a melee hit that would incap/kill the hunter. It’s purely a visual effect.


What would be the purpose of it then? If they are 1 hit away anyway, he can just get hit and die like normal?


The purpose of the fatality I presented would be a death if the hunters don’t save their buddy not a down. I think I wasn’t clear enough in writing this post… Its like the sneak pounce attack except it kills the hunter leaving no body. It cannot be used if the hunters damage the monster but the monster can completely devour a hunter leaving no body while picking them up instead of just downing them.


After a hunter is incapacitated the monster still has to wait for their bleed out timer to reach zero before eating, this will make your idea of an uninterrupted down to straight up eating too easy for the monster to get an advantage, thus ruining the meticulous balance that the game already has. Good idea but not for this game in this stage. :blush:


I like the down mechanic better. When all the hunters are together, you’re not going to pull this off. If the hunter is by himself, letting him go into the downed state before getting popped can give hunters time to catch up. The Monster needs to decide if it’s wiser to run with the advantage or keep attacking the downed hunter. Having the ability to pounce is strong enough in a situation where a hunter is by themself that I don’t think we need something else.


Its not uninterrupted -_- any damage the hunters inflict to the monster will stop him from devouring the hunter and he will proceed to ground smash the hunter as normal downing him. Now I just feel like you guys didn’t even read my post fully >.>


The down mechanic remains completely unchanged. This just adds an extra opportunity for the monster to get an advantage during a fight which as you pointed out is EXTREMELY unlikely because the hunters are already fighting. This could really only be pulled off if the hunters are uncoordinated or if you manage to down someone nearby and then go for one of his friends while the others are distracted. It still requires strategic play on both sides.


actually this would be awesome…your never going to pull this off in say a dome fight. but isolating a single hunter… OH HOW TERRIFYING. rip him to peices! also increases the risk of soloing as a hunter to find the monster.


But an isolated hunter is better to be pounced. Then they can’t move and evade. While the idea is sound, it just doesn’t seem to work from any kind of perspective. The downed mechanic is already pretty solid that we don’t need something else that might be useful once in a while as long as you are taking no damage. But at that point, why not just pounce the hunter?


This isn’t a replacement to the pounce attack you can’t pounce a hunter while in combat this is a finisher move suggestion during a fight where its very hard to pull off but very rewarding if successful and easily stopped if the hunters have coordination.


It would be uninterrupted if your “fatality move” is carried out,

If your “fatality move” is carried out- then the monster is OP


Your “fatality move” bypasses the incapacitated stage and goes straight to eating.

I like the idea, I really do, if the other hunters are not around then they need to be punished for being Incompetent and if it is the last player alive- why extend the game by prolonging the inevitable monster win?

But the only way this mechanic would be used when a perfectly good pounce function is actually better in every way-is when you are dumb enough to not pounce the last hunter. And when it’s the last hunter you don’t need to eat him/her because you already won.


Read the OP edit please the finishing move takes 1 or 2 seconds to complete and any damage the hunters inflict during that time will cancel the fatality and down the hunter normally.


Like @MaddCow said, this is purely for visual effects, nothing else.
It doesn’t alter the gameplay in any important way.


If there is a hunter on its own in the middle of a match you will pounce as it is better to pin him/her

Your finishing move in this situation will bypass the incapacitating stage thus being unable for the hunters to have a chance. Meaning it’s bias against the hunters. Ruining balance.

If there is one hunter alive at the end of the match you can either pin him or hit him until your finishing move triggers. The finishing move will not be interrupted as there are no other hunters, so you eat the hunter which is useless because you don’t need armour or evolve points because the match is over at that point.

This will be more annoying for the monster player as every time you hit the hunters down it triggers your fatality move only to be shot to deactivate the process, this will be annoying because this creates time where you are unable to deal damage while creating opportunities to be damaged by the other hunters


I would like a fatality type move a whole lot on two conditions

  1. the monster chooses when to use it. Obviously a fatality animation would make the monster vulnerable, so it would be more of a taunt then anything else
  • this could be more than a taunt, allowing it to restore the monsters HP/armor bar more than normal, giving the monster a special buff, or instantly killing the hunter without any chance of revive

  • it only automatically does a fatality on the last standing hunter


Consider this.


That being said, if they added in a finishing move at the very end of the match (I.E. where the splash screen says who the winner is) and replace it with an animated scene of the monster killing/eating/rending the last surviving hero, I’m all for it. In fact, I think that would be especially awesome. However, it is unlikely as the combinations and artwork needed to get that taken care of would take up a bit of resources.