Fastest Way to Get Maggies Daisy Masteries


Rather than waiting on yer mutt to save yer actual real life hunter pals, just constantly do rescue matches, they’ll be count progress towards it, plus there’ll be alot more chances for Dasiy to do her thing, be hit from the countless survivors needing to be save or your own hunter pals. You should be able to finish it in 2-5 matches of Rescue providing you did all the other masteries.


While I appreciate the fact that you’re trying to be helpful and prefer to read this than a mindless “nerf” thread, this is a rather widely known “trick”.

Thanks nevertheless


Kinda figured it out just now haha.


Yah just do rescues on barracks its the fastest map. I’ve found.For third tier quit after the first two survivors are picked up cause it doesn’t count but one per match.


Good to know