Fast rant about what I'm sure has been discussed


Sick and tired of this Behemoth bug that freezes the damn game. FIX IT! Also fire the guy who didn’t catch this or refused to fix it before releasing the patch. Either he/she is ignorant to their job or just doesn’t give a damn.


Woah, did you choose Hyde last game? Because it looks like someone just threw a TOXIC Grenade in this thread.



I love you, Bot.


Love you too, Rapterror, in an of course completely platonic way… with no plot twists. ^^




Its a pain in the ass but it’s funny as hell to watch when this fire ball just starts spinning mid air and then boom explosions all around and you have no clue whats going on… then it happens again and it sucks.


starting to think it’s not him but a patch that came within the last week, because this is 5 games today where everything freezes and 2 were without that big mouthed bastard