Farming Character Masteries should not be allowed in Private Matches


I agree that private matches are a good source of practicing and having fun with friends but my real issue here is that people can very easily enter a private match and gain their mastery off of their friends. Private matches should without a doubt stay but there should be NO sort of gain from playing them. I think personally mastery should only be earned in public lobbies against random people. Private matches are simply a source of fun or casual play with friends whether practicing as a monster or practicing hunter strategies. Your level cap is low so why not require people to gain that along with mastery in public matches against random people.


I dunno about you but I’d rather not spend hours trying to get headshot dmg on my machine gun with Griffin and Maggie by relying on a pug who probably wont even shoot the monster in the head. Or let my team down because i sat there healign them while their downed instead of just reviving him


So you don’t want to try


So you would rather sit in a private lobby and get all your head shot damage in a matter of minutes by shooting your monster friend who stands still watching you shoot him? That’s ridiculous.


Well spoken


Its not about not wanting to try I don’t want to have to rely on a pug medic creating weakpoints. As far as I’m aware thats the only way to technically get a headshot


Definitely not the only way to get headshot damage. Lol. If you shoot that big thing atop the monsters shoulders (generally has 2 eyes…maybe a nose) you earn headshot damage. Does having weak points help the cause? Yes of course but it is not mandatory. Simply requires time an effort.


I was under the impression that the whole point of the medic sniper leaving weakpoints was to replace the traditional headshot method and theres no need to act like a douche


I understand what you’re saying nobody wants to lose and you will lose if your medic is actively going after a gun mastery.


Yea, because creating a weak point on end of its tail counts as a head shot.
As the name of challenge says, shot the head.

I’m afraid there are certain challenges that even I would do in private matches (revive with daisy 2 times in 14 different matches…).

However I do agree, reaching elite version of the character shouldn’t be possible in a private match.
Maybe just clearing first stars in private match to be allowed and rest 2 disallowed would be a way to go.
You can unlock every single character by playing private matches, but you can’t master them.
Last thing I want to see is elite dude with trapper who can’t even catch a damn Power Relay into his dome.


I thought the challenge required the med to get a mark on the head of the monster THEN you shoot it obviously the tail doesn’t count :stuck_out_tongue:


Headshots are counted when you shoot the monster in the head. There is a separate mastery for weakpoints.


Thank you for clearing that up


That’s part of playing a game that requires leveling up. Sometimes it’s tedious and possibly detrimental to the team but you have to space it out. I would rather that happen then see people get it all done in private lobbies.


Very well put. with the mastery requirements being adjusted it should make things easier to attain… even daisy. so with the level cap low and mastery getting easier I personally just prefer all mastery work done in public lobby. However I do see your case of unlocking just 1 star!


I would rather the opposite actually. I am not particular about somebody having all their mastery done via boosting in private games, but I will be fairly fed up with a Markov trying to throw mines the whole game, or a Val refusing to heal you so that she can get ‘Revive with your med gun’ when you’re incapacitated.


So whats wrong with me wanting to not let my team down and just skip over the medic star for tedious time consuming revives?


It’s the way it’s being done. People are lazy now. Having to get those in public shows a sense of accomplishment and work. It takes longer to get them meaning the longevity of the game is increased.


I’d rather not sit there getting frustrated while trying to get that last revive while simultaneously letting my team down and them getting mad cause I’m the guy trying to complete a star


At the end of the day, all you get out of it is minor stat boosts and a skin that isn’t really gonna be noticed by the rest of your team so what does it matter