Far Cry: Primal


Just picked up this game and I will be playing the shit out of it this coming week. It will be my first Far Cry game I’ve ever played (please don’t judge me!).

Does anyone else have it, and how do you feel about it so far?

Here’s a pretty funny video showing some of the beasts you can tame in the game:


Do want! But I am going to wait a bit.


I almost preordered this, but I still have a few games from Christmas I need to finish first. I’ll end up picking it up soon so I’m excited for it. I hope you enjoy it, far cry games are amazing. :slightly_smiling:


Yeah, I haven’t played much Arkham Knight and I got AC: Syndicate free when I upgraded to the Xbox Elite system. Still haven’t played it lol I just wanted to get this Far Cry game and then I’m set for just about the entire year.

I don’t think I want any other of the big releases set for 2016, so this will be the year of “catch up” on games and focusing on getting a better job :slightly_smiling:


I am going to wait for it to go on sale but want to play it for sure.

@skills4u2envy Have you popped it in yet? What do you think so far?


What are all the animals I can tame in this?


The only ones in the game are in that video lol there aren’t any snow leopards.

Although… I believe you can kill and skin them in Far Cry 4 :smiling_imp:


I’m still at work so I haven’t played yet, I’m dying to get home now though!


I definitely want it, but I’m worried about what the reasons for delaying the PC release could mean about the quality of the PC port


You’re the worst. I want to pick this up but I know money can be better spent…


I seriously debated it, but I justified it because I don’t plan on by any more games until maybe next Black Friday.


Well I need that DARK SOULS 3 and I got the CE


Ah, I’ve never played Dark Souls before. Never really been interested.


I’m pissed for no Mammoth or Croc tamable creature


I haven’t finished fallout 4, just cause 3 and some other games due to the new pup keeping me busy. Sadly, I have to put off getting this one for a few months.


You can ride a mammoth


I’ve demoed a few other Far Cry games, but this was the first one I ever wanted to buy. I love melee and animal buddies. Didn’t seem like a full game to me, though and there’s no co-op. So, I figure I’ll pick it up when it’s on sale.


It’s released on March 1st for PC, I’m probably going to pick it up then.
Though I’m still fairly upset about Ubisoft’s approach to this game.

They really haven’t done a good job at all at least trying to make this game look original.

Oh well. The reviews for this game are generally positive as far as gameplay goes so I’ll try it out.

The last Far Cry PC port (Far Cry 4) was riddled with launch bugs such as black screens, FOV issues and forced mouse acceleration, but Far Cry Primal is on the same engine. I doubt we’ll see the exact same problems this time around.

Also, I wouldn’t even call it a PC port. Outside of these few bugs back then, Ubisoft actually makes genuinely good PC versions to give credit where due.

The week delay for PC is just because consoles pay for the earlier release. That one week early release for Microsoft and Sony’s platform is enough to ensure that livestreams, reviews, guides, walkthroughs etc will all be using footage/screenshots from the console version. Simply put, popular Let’s Players and gaming websites want to put up their content as soon as possible and will have to buy the console version to do so.
Microsoft and Sony benefit immensely from this.


So there is a Leopard in the game, just not a snowy one


That will have to work.