Far Cry Primal


Next year, 23rd of Feburary, Ice Age far Cry. (PC releases in March)


On my birthday. Nice.


I forgot to mention.
PC won’t release until March.


Motha fuckas.

I haven’t played Far Cry since I was a console person.

I’m kinda a hybrid gamer now, I play XB1 occasionally.


Yay! This is a pretty unexpected move on Ubi’s part. Very excited, and that is a pretty short time to release.


Favourite part of FC3 was always the bow I maay get this depending on the reviews.


Maybe instead of driving cars you ride Sabre-Tooth Tigers :grin:


Oh my god where is my wallet


I feel @Shin would appreciate being tagged in this because sabertooths.


Yeah, I haven’t really played any Far Cry games though. O.o
Don’t know if the style of play is right for me.


If you’ve played skyrim its similarish


Yes, I’ve played Skyrim. Too much, actually.


Skyrim you level up skills Farcry when you level up you get a point to put into skill trees

Farcry had a basic crafting system where you could make syringes that would heal you make animals and enemies glow

also you killed animals and used their skins to make larger wallets ammo bandoliers quiver etc.

Also you had to climb radio towers and capture enemy bases


I think the crafting system is going to be expanded upon since we can’t buy our weapons.


Why not? There could be a crafter that makes different types of spears throwing knives arrows tomahawks

I wouldn’t be surprised if we had to buy upgraded bows.


It was confirmed in a behind the scenes video. No buying, you need to craft stuff with wood, bones, stone, and etc.


Didn’t know about that.


It has a super high stealth emphasis, which I know you are into. I think you would enjoy them. I’m a big fan.


This game looks extremely good and I am very confident that they will deliver a game even better than far cry 4 or 3.
Just curious to know what will be replacing vehicles though? Can’t really expect us to traverse a world that big on foot can you? Also please for the love of god have a 3 to 4 person co op. And actually have lobbies in multiplayer and I will be perfectly content.



I swear to god, Ubisoft. If you don’t add dinosaurs to this game it’ll be Missed Opportunity 21th Century.
No one would care if it’s not historically accurate. The last game featured Yeti’s ffs.

(That Far Cry 4 Shangri-La picture you put in the thread, though.)