FAO Devs: Why my friends didn't like the game


So for the Big Alpha I invited my core friends, these are the guys/girls that over the years we’ve rocked out the Transport choppers in the Battlefield Series, worked on getting Nukes/Boming runs in CoD, took on the Lich King and Deathwing in WoW, tore up zombies in L4D, fought epic wars in Starcraft and competed poorly in League of Legends. This lot are gamers, however, baring myself (and some of you may recognise my name, you may not, I played A LOT of Monster in Alpha and made a few new friends and have been quite vocal in despite its flaws and balance issues this game is freaking awesome) they all disliked what they saw in Evolve and this is a high level summary of why.

The maps, although very pretty and laid out differently, looked exactly the same, filled with the same wildlife, and are very dark, which didn’t give them much hope that the other maps would be much different and fights effectively will become – everyone learns the weakness and exploits it.

The hunters although slightly different, effectively do the same thing (well aware of roles) but for them it felt like more of the same thing and again, once someone knows a weakness it will be exploited.

In the end they’re argument boiled down to, so you hunt a monster or hunt the hunters. That’s it .

A game of tag.

I couldn’t effectively argue against them, I explained this is a very specific Alpha with a small scope of testing (not like a Beta where you get to see everything) and that the new maps will be different, I’m hoping some open/more day light based maps more in the Hunters favour? (waits on IGN articles/announcements here)

and that the combination of roles will massively effect how your team will/can play against the different monsters. it not often we have a different opinion on a game (which was refreshing) but that got me thinking.

Urgh. I’m not having a moan, I’m passing this info on here for the Devs etc… Because these 5 people, play a lot of games and cover a good amount of demographics and I value their opinion, and based on the Alpha, that’s 5 less sales, with the exact people who I WANT to play this game with.


Let me guess, cod players? lol


Their arguments are valid, but it does make me wonder how they have fun with the other games you mention. All of these games are, when you’ve played enough, re-running the same scenario over and over. Hopefully you’re doing it against more and more skilled opponents as you yourself get better.

I’ve said it elsewhere, I’ve played certain games a lot, and when it boils down to it the experience in all of them is learning the weaknesses of something be it a map or a team or a class, and then exploiting it. The longevity comes from people learning to mitigate those weaknesses and new tactics being found.

But people will feel how they feel, and without giving it a try when it comes to the final release, especially with these new hunters that clearly mean that there are a wide range of different interplay strategies to use for different combinations of hunter, then they may just be a lost cause :smile:


Nope. Far from.

We’re the complete opposite of 12 year old screaming ragers with no attention span.

I think Cod was fun for coop. Zombies and a few weeks of pugs.


Which in the end was pretty much how our discussion on Skype ended. I know everyone’s tastes are different and pointed out all games multi player in the end have you doing something repetitive.

I think they’re concern was it was too similar and too constrained. Too a first timer I can understand. The maps look alike and you have to play as a 4.

I never did as the trapper I would hang near the middle and await the spotting and try to cut off. As said. I disagreed. I hope I can persuade them to try again if we get abother beta etc… With other maps and game modes. I just thought.

Maybe this feedback might be useful in someway. You know. Example being. (I’m maling up a scenario which the devs may know as true) A lot of people said the maps were similar and put people off so going forward they market completely opposite maps to show that’s not the case.


I’m definitely interested in how the rest of the maps pan out. That new map showcased on IGN is interesting, with more verticality and hazardous terrain.


Just seems like they don’t even know what alpha means and played the game for an hour, the maps are very diffrent and play very diffrent. No single game is similar.


No they fully know what an Alpha is, and what it was expecting to do (in this case, test progression, spot obvious bugs etc…) we discussed that too, and again, we’re older gamers, been gaming since Doom/Quake we’ve took part in a few Alphas/Betas, back before they were public and they would send you a copy of the game in the post with an NDA and a list of stuff to do.

They also played for several hours, as Niaccurshi and I said, not everyone in the end will enjoy it & I disagreed with their opinion on why they didn’t like it. But overall I can agree with their point and I cant change the fact they didn’t like it based on what they saw. To throw away their opinion is the worst possible thing I could do, they’re my friends and they’re human beings, they are also avid gamers which is why I’m passing that feedback on here. After all, my thoughts on the matter are, if someone doesn’t like a game because of X, Y and Z, are they things that can be improved upon, or are they valid reasons why not everyone WILL like our product.

Arguably the maps were similar (looks wise) and the game from a high level went the same, you chased a monster, you tag it, trapped it, killed it or died.

As I said, I don’t think that they are valid flaws or issues and those are some of the reasons why I liked it, as the Monster I aimed to play a certain way, I won 99% of my games because I adapted to the different skill set of the players. But to not pass it on, may do the Devs and Evolve a disservice. Afterall I want it to do well, so that we get more monster content, more maps, more hunters and years of fun.

In order to do that the game needs to be popular, which requires sales, there goes 5 sales based on whats available today. As I said, it might help, me not posting at all would guarentee it didnt help.


I have just went and watched the vid, High level, low level, desert, seems to be quite a bit more lit, easier to spot, easier to lay down a choke point but possibly easier to escape from up to down.

Massively changes the dynamic of the game.

This is something I’ll show my friends, it shows that the maps aren’t all similar and can cause the game to be played differently (It appears that way)


Hahah nobody got high level/skill level yet. They can’t say that


You’ve misunderstood my use of the term ‘High Level’.

From a high level means - Looking at it from a high level, as in, when you play a Strategy Game your playing at a high level, controlling large areas of troops, where as if you were playing the same game but as an FPS you would be at a very low level controlling one person. A more generic view.


Ah some fair points there! Regardless, you’ll still be getting the game right? You can always play with/against everyone here! :slight_smile:


A decent amount of people got over level 30 :wink:


Interesting discussion, and your friends have some points. Though I would argue the DEVs already knew about “your friends” (that is to say, already knew that not every game is for everyone). There will be new maps, new characters, DIFFERENT MODES (forgive the cap empahasis) that we haven’t seen yet. One…Alpha…Weekend. :smile:

Again, good discussion, I just think the topic is worded oddly - I expected something a little more than “my friends dont like it for the same reasons a lot of people dont like a lot of games”…repetitiveness.

Anyway, not busting on ya Juneau, again, overall it’s a great discussion.

I guess I should try to put in something constructive. I think I disagree with anyone who says they’ve played enough ‘to know’ what this is going to be like. While there are certainly better gamers than I am (I’m looking at most of you! :slight_smile: ) I think a lot of us were very focused early on “how to move, how to team, how to ‘monster’” and were not focused on “how does THIS map work, vs others”.

Some things on the maps ARE certainly very “cookie cutter”, but the maps, as a whole, are not. Obviously Stage 3 is an obvious example of this. That is to say, the relay locations, and even more different on this other map they showed (the confined relay).

Anyway - to me this game is much more about the gameplay, and while I personally don’t agree the maps are that similar, even if they were a bit similar the gameplay alone has me pysched to play this game. If it doesn’t for anyone else, there are plenty of other games out there. :smiley:


Oh yes. This game has been on my watch list forever. The Alpha and sessions I managed at lan were enough for me. My core friends mamay not play it. This I will keep trying to sell it to them. Won’t stop me.


I found most of my friends were split down the middle by this game. Some went ‘game is dumb’ others went ‘game is awesome and refreshing’

The problem is until release we don’t really know how valid the concerns are about the whole game being a solvable puzzle.

I also had about 3 friends only play 5 or less games and not really engage with the spirit of the game. They didn’t want to stick together, they didn’t really get the idea of HUNTING instead of chasing and one person even said “I wish they would cut out that annoying drop ship scene before you start, it is so long and unnecessary.” and I tried to explain about it hiding the monsters head start but he still didn’t like it.

I explained the ideas of hunting a few friends really loved the game after that, the rest were meh about it. Luckily you only need 3 friends to like it and you have a full team, one more and you can play your own custom game. So I know I have about 4-6 friends who will get this at launch and that should be enough for many great games together.

Hopefully you can win some of your friends over closer or shortly after launch.


They most likely do, but some of the point some of the points my friends raised I tried to argue, because I know new maps are coming out etc… but we haven’t seen them or modes etc…

My friends were completely new to Evolve outside of they heard about it at E3 and that was it.

But yeah one alpha weekend, and Im a bit saddened that was their opinion, for me it ended and i sulked that i couldn’t play more. For them however it was enough ti say - not for me.

As for your constructive additions, I agree its more how you play with what you have then just learning how to run, shoot and chase someone across a map. I had fun putting down false trails.


Im worried the “game is dumb” was how they found it after several hours.

I didn’t see it that way so i’m good, no friends = MONSTER STOMPAGE


i guess the only thing you can do is wait it out and see if they like the rest of the game modes/maps. once the DLCs characters start coming out your friends might come round. at the end of the day you can’t force someone to like a game if its not for them


Don’t be offended when I say this, but looks like your friends (at that time) were more interrested in playing some other game they wanted really bad … but since it’s an Alpha and you had the generosity to give them keys, they felt obliged to play just to please you. When you try a game with that attitude it’s just natural to be all cynical and unsatisfied and end up not enjoying the game.
Maybe that’s why you can’t convince them, because they never had true intentions to play it anyway … So they end up giving some lame excuses about the game for you to “understand”.