[Fanfiction] (Title WIP >_>)


Hey, guys. Couldn’t sleep tonight, so I tried to be productive and do something I’ve wanted to do for a bit now. That being working on a fanfiction set in the Evolve universe. Here is a bit I worked on over tonight that I figured I’d share with you guys.

Crimson droplets littered the ground. The ground knew no difference between the clear droplets of rainfall or the maroon droplets the beast above it dripped. The earth did not care if it fed off of blood or rain. The plants on its soil drank hungrily either way. The only ones that cared were the hunter and the beast being hunted.

The beast trampled the ground not concerned about the environment it recklessly destroyed. It was only concerned about escaping the hunter so it could live another day. It could hear voices in the distance but it chose to ignore them. It was being driven by pure instinct and had no time to understand the words directed at it.

The beast clutched at its abdomen. It could feel the blood trickling out. The footsteps grew closer and the beast knew it would have to change its plan. The voices grew louder but it knew it had no time to listen. It knew only one thing. To survive it would have to hunt the hunter.

The beast launched himself behind a tree. He could feel himself starting to become woozy. He slumped against the tree as he listened to the footsteps as they grew louder. When they sounded like they were on top of him the voice in his head finally stopped barking at him. The footsteps abruptly stopped on the other side of the tree the beast was hidden behind. He heard the loud crack from the hunter’s weapon being cocked. The hunter quavered “Come out with your hands where I can see ‘em”.

The voice in his head returned to him but instead of barking it instead pleaded ’I need more time’. The boy nodded his head and quickly thought of a retort to the hunter “Would you really kill a child?”

The man thundered back immediately “No child would do that to a group of men.” He quickly realized he misstepped and instead settled for a commanding tone “I know the one thing I would do is kill the thing behind that tree if it refused to come out with its hands in the air”. The boy viciously threw his head back against the tree and muttered a word the man could not hear. The hunter slowly moved around the tree and gave one final command “This is your last chance, come out now!”.

‘It’s done’ the beasts assistant informed him. The beast saw the gun come into his view along with a man that looked greener than his uniform. The beast conceded “You’re correct, no child would do that to a man”. The man fell before he could even comprehend the words. The boy fell shortly afterward from sheer exhaustion.

He awoke to a tune his assistant was gleefully humming. He could feel his body fighting itself as he attempted to stand up. The humming abruptly stopped as his assistant informed him ’It will be a while before we can move again.’

“You know I hate it when you take control” he grumbled.

’I’d hate it more if I’d have to send a husk back to base’ she smoothly replied. ‘If you’d take control at this point you’d just fall unconscious again’ she added.

“Sounds better than listening to you hum that garbage on loop” he whined. Instead of a reply he received her humming even louder. With a groan, he asked her for an update on the mission.

‘Of course, Vyrian’. It had always bugged him that she called him by his first name. Everyone else addressed him by his agent number. *‘Our target is on the move. It looks as if the fun you had with those soldiers has alerted their camp. We’ll have a few hours before transport arrives to take him away’

“Why is command making us hunt after NORDITA scum? You know there are bigger fish to-”

She interrupted him ’There is no use wondering why. Our job is to simply provide results. You also know that in order to land a big catch you have to focus on the smaller ones first. Give it time an-’

He snapped “Just inform me when we can move out”.

‘Yes, Sir’