(FANCEPT) Weekend Challenge! She Wants Revenge "Gorgon vs the Girls"


I think Caira and Maggie(s) should get another shot at winning their Infinity Skin and Union Jack Skin, they should be able to get their revenge in the form of beating Miley to a pulp.

Also Voodoo skin for Miley would be freaking sick.

Also stretch goals, we haven’t had those in a while.


Even thought it’s fake I could not see us doing that in 3 days


The skin looks cool but could you imagine seeing gorgon all day, the thought makes me want to yawn.


Imagine seeing Goliaths everywhere.


Sounds lIke a need for sunny D.


Didn’t Sunny won her challenge?


Yeah but I’m commenting on how sunny is a goliath destroyer.


Yeah Its actually sad seeing so many of the goliaths get destroyed by Sunny this weekend.


The worst was done to new players, 1:45 second matches, pretty sure some new friends dropped the game.


sure why not sounds fun but we skipping behemoth


I saw that the title said fancept but I didn’t listen and I saw this and I almost cried from happiness and then I read fancept and now I’m crying from sadness because UGH THIS SKIN DOESNT EXIST


You forgot to mention Miley.


I’d be okay with this if ‘Miley’ wasn’t in the title.


25+ wins with Caira and Maggie? I think I can do that on my own ^^


For the love of Christ can everyone just stop with the miley bullshit? -.-" hate thinking of that hoe every time I hear her name. Not to mention it’s an insult to gorgon.


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