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(Fan made) Updated Hunter and Monster Concept --> looking for lore ideas for the hunters :D I enjoy constructive critisism and am always listening to suggestions from the community to improve these characters. These tier 6 suggestions follow a them of HIGH RISK HIGH REWARD. the skills of these hunters might sound op given special situations, but the drawbacks of these skills back for an interesting advantage for the monster to take. I am looking for interesting lore currently for these hunters to add a more personal feel to each of these characters. thanks for your time, and thank you turtle rock studios for making such a flexible and interesting game.

Trapper Raiden version 3

Raiden," No point in hiding, beast! I can see your fate all to clearly…"

Assault Gordon version 3

Gordon," Does it hurt when these lasers, burn straight through your filthy flesh!"

Support Diamond version 3

Diamond," You took everything from my life, You will take no more!"

Medic Arsenic version 3

Arsenic," Disease, sickness, and genicide…I’ll bring them all to YOU!"

monster in-progress tease:
Haze version 1

I was going for a vampire theme. I image this monster to look like a cross between a aglar fish and a centipede or bug of some kind. Tenticals that glow a bright white/purple when the monster uses abilities.
haze," Illusions are my tools, your mind is my playground. So believe as you will. Your blood will fill me, your blood will heal me. SSSSAAAAAZZZEZEZE click click click click click "


ARMOR BARS : 2 from feeding (6 additional bars from vamp feeding wildlife or hunters)

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/3/a/3a4a40ed66151d7efcced259f4fa9ffdf63562a9.jpeg" width="666" height="500"> 


Vamp : steals health from hunter(s) to replenish armor bar amount.

Trance : Releases a non visible cloud the size of the mobile arena, that cloaks the hunters from the hunters that are 10m apart from each other. the monster is also cloaked when 10 m away from a hunter as well.

blood bomb: the strength of this ability is correlated to the amount of vamp armor the monster has stored.

6th sense : allows bullet type damage to phase through him while leaving no trace of footsteps or sneak steps while walking/running.

ArcticStorm321 Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMaoui-enFr2CZtDSS1BEZQ

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First off, FANTASTIC ART! I love it! If only I could draw like that.

Secondly, here are my balance thoughts.

I think Raiden is fine, maybe a bit too strong but nothing really wrong with him. However, I honestly can’t tell what the picture is beyond the legs. Not a big problem, It’s just a bit blurry.

Gordon seems okay, but it just looks like you took Torvald’s kit and changed it a little. Again, nothing wrong and I like the idea, but it’s really similar to Torvald.

Diamond is cool. Not much to say.

Not sure how I feel about the name, but the kit is super cool and I really like the art, looks a lot like something you would actually see in Evolve.

Not a fan about this one. Just seems like the wraith but slightly different. Maybe with some tweaking it would be better, but it seems a bit weird and really OP from the description. If the monster can gain health, he’s almost unbeatable. Half of the abilities seem really strong as well.

Over all, I like these characters and I love the art style, just not a fan of the monster.



@Titangilas thankyou :smile:
Yeah im still working on the monster. Haze is far from finalized like the other hunters, and needs tones of tweaks. I chose a vampire theme for him with low armor. he can only get health from the hunters, a little bit of health is returned from the parasite skill, but not enough unless you let the monster farm. at stage 3, you dont want to fight him back at full health again so you will want to chase him, even at stage three. Think of this monster as the lazarus of the monster class. Maybe making his stage 3 health bar only 5, leaving stage two with 4 bars, and stage one with 3 bars only. its similar the wraith because I just like the style of the wraith but was disappointed that he turned out the way he did :frowning: .



I didnt want it to look like the wraith, I wanted a cross between an anglarfish and a centipede of mantas type bug mixture.



What do you think is wrong with the Wraith, out of curiosity?



I was disappointed when they gave wraith an ability like decoy, but made it function completely like a body guard :frowning: .
I was excited to see the first monster that can play with the hunters head, but now he is just a monster that everyone ignores. I love playing with the wraith because he is the closest to my playstyle, but after her last nerf, I dont even bother going stage 3 or even using half of her abilities. I wanted to see a wraith with a patch like this

Decoy movement controlled ( like krakens Lightning strike)
Damage out identical to original wraith damage output.
Flicker on decoy removed.
Supernova duration increase.

Wraith crosshairs decoy control minus the damage and removing the decoy:

Imagine you are cornered with wraith. Pop the decoy (Not bodyguard) and aim the crosshairs in the far distance. The further the crosshairs are from the decoy, the faster the decoy would try to reach that area. By faster I don’t mean movement speed, I mean by the decoy dipping in his traversal pool. When he is in distance of a hunter, he would attack. The original wraith can still move around with the left analog stick, control decoy with the right, cancel decoy when original wraith uses a traversal. Sounds solid to me. #nomoreAIcontrolledDecoy

I talk about all the other things in evolve in this thread link here:

thats why Im making this vamp monster haze, just to replace this empty hole that wraith couldnt fill :frowning:



Random 10 min spider host monster thing drawing.



vampire / anglar fish / centipede bug theme is what im looking for :smiley:

Monster haze concept art alternative

Small creatures fall off of the monster (Haze) and jumps on creatures and priorities on hunters first. They jump on the back of creatures and monsters leeching health from them. Must be shot off by a teammate or must wait until parasite is finished leeching.
The monster (haze) releases a fragrance that increases the health and damage of all wildlife, making them seek out and target wildlife.
Pounces on a lone hunter, with no icon or noise, to give the monster’s (haze’s) position away. When pounced, the monster begins leeching health from the hunter to restore his own.
Releases a fragrance cloud that is noticeable by the hunters, when walked into cloud, the hunters can’t ping or see each other when they are 10 meters apart from each other.



Slightly updated monster thing

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Alex’s (Arsenic) background
Lore artist: @Average_Joe
A work in progress story…

Arsenic is a curious genius, young and playful, but a genius nonetheless, to the point that he sometimes endangers himself, through mischievous research and pranks. Often very cheery and hyper despite a dark past.

Son of wealthy colonists, who were among the first to venture out to the planet of Shear when word of expedition first resounded throughout the universe of a wondrous planet, Alex was spoiled rotten as a child. Having never really gone out into the wilderness, he was unaccustomed to the life he found himself living at a rather young age, when people began to evacuate towns for some odd reason he never could figure out. Then everything changed, the entire convoy his family was on was almost completely destroyed before the boy’s very eyes by these, humongous, and absurdly powerful creatures. Alex’s parents were slaughtered and the captain of the military forces leading the convoy he was on, Gordon, managed to call for backup early enough to buy him and a couple stranglers time enough to escape. Many fell along the way, some to dehydration, others starvation, and many quit to the adversity in their path. “Who could blame them,” the boy thought many times over to himself, “they weren’t prepared for this, and no one could’ve been, but I’m smart enough to make it through this.” The group steadily moved forward and day by day he grew smarter, using different plant’s medicinal properties as medicines, and using the toxins many plants carried as not only research tools, but self-defense tools against wildlife that sought to bring him and his new friends danger. He kept himself safe, joked around with people much older than him, and helped them healthily make it to safety. They had finally arrived at a military encampment under the leadership of Gordon, after many years of traveling aimlessly through dangerous lands, they were able to be normal again after all this time. The boy Alex had grown up, mentally and physically, all along with the resentment towards the monsters that massacred his family in his heart. When first hearing about the tales of many soldiers of a group of people hunting down and killing these monsters he jumped for joy, but he quickly realized they couldn’t do it on their own. They would certainly need help and when they came to recruit the best of the best soldiers the encampment had to offer, he was amongst the first to claim he was ready to fight, and with the approval of his overseer, Gordon, that’s exactly what he was going to do. After seeing the young man’s talents and attitude towards things he was given a nickname by Griffin, that just so happened to stick. “Vile and cunning the lad is, while seemingly peaceful at first sight he’ll melt right through you like those poisons he conjurs up… I like him… Arsenic I’ll call him.”



Any name ideas for these hunters you guys or are they fine?



any up sides to the characters? are they all just extremely bad? I am working on the monster currently, this was my first go at the monster, but the hunters are on iteration 3 and have come a long way from being op :smiley:

let me explain @Tectonic_Knight to try to bring some positive light on these hunters

Raiden, unlike the other trappers, has the ability to negate the use of traversals, 3 seconds of no traversal every thirty seconds. it has the potential to be a good combo but this trapper is designed for creating unique teamwork set ups, but all the variables must be exact, like maggie harpoons with orbital, planning is everything. The spotter buff is good, but it clearly doesnt do the same thing that his tracking method does. footprints can be seen, sneaking or not, very useful combined with the electron sniper, keeping tabs on the monster inbetween goggle cooldowns, is a neat little addition.

torvald’s shrapnal gernades? this is clearly laz sniper in a gernade? is this considered a medic skill or a assault skill. the orbital barrage, the most damaging tool that can be used in evolve, but on a support? spore cload, a support power on a medic? evolve does follow certain rules, i dont believe gordon falls outside of. By the way he is the first long ranged assault to be introduced to evolve.

bunker has its ups and downs. only one person allowed in bunker, player is basically out of play momentarily(medic cant heal team from inside, assault cant damage from inside,trapper cant restrict monster from inside,support cant support from inside). it basically becomes a 1 vs 3 when someone is in the bunker, protected but out of play. once you walk out there is no walking back inside, when your out your out until the new one is thrown. she has no resemblance to slim whats so ever, slim has more of a shot gun weapon, she has a dual wielded high recoil close damaging smgs.

this is a high risk high reward character. Arsenic is Aoe healing with medi trophies which are like like health regen areas but when the time is right, he sacrafies all his healing, for a quick chance at the mosters health, your team gets only 5 seconds to take advantage of this opening, once the time is up, your team basically loses their medic for a minute and 30 sec. A smart monster will punish a team for punishing him earlier. use in extreme caution.

haze is still very very very early concept. basic theme is a health regen monster that relies on theif to survive.
The one offesive move that he has directly is vamp, which is like a health snatch, stealing health from the hunters and replenishing his own. armor isnt a virtue.
parisite is a health regen move that preys on wildlife and hunters unknowingly. you dont know your health is being leeched until its too late. so stay cautious.
wildlife is a resource at your disposal, upheaval increases the armor, health and damage of all wildlife making them extremely aggressive and body gaurds the monster. thought a sloth was deadly, try to kill it now.
trance is a divide and coquer ability, walking in the mirage, distorts the hunters making them stick close together, back to back. teammates are unaware of hunter status when to far apart from each other.

if you have any questions about these let me know. @Tectonic_Knight i appreciate your critisism, but you might have to suggest more positive improvements to the hunters in your analysis. it helps them grow and evolve :smiley:



I feel that Haze is an interesting monster, even though it is VERY anti-combat. This monster, once it gets to stage 3 is just going to get decimated. You created a great monster for stages 1 and 2, but when the hunters stop hunting and guard the relay, Haze has nothing to dig them out. He would need to separate someone from the group, Vamp them, and then pounce on them to draw the others over. He NEEDS an offensive ability. He could have an attack that makes aggressive wildlife target a certain player (like a ranged attack where he coats a hunter in pheromones that cause aggressive wildlife to attack the impacted target, or anything in the area of a miss.) That would mean you could bring Crowbill sloths, tyrants, DBs, Reavers, Mammoth birds, and other hostile critters to assault the relay for you. The pheromone range should be big enough to where it can effect the area around the relay to bring a few animals in, but not EVERYTHING on the map.

The Health bypass ability for Arsenic is well balanced, due to the fact that you can only use it for 5 seconds, and then has a 90 second cooldown. I feel that Arsenic balances a nice aspect of able to deal substantial damage with a team, while also being capable of healing the team in a interesting way with the medi-trophies.

Raiden seems to be a bit powerful for tracking, but he doesn’t seem to be able to do much in combat. He stays true to the Trapper moniker and is meant to find it, trap it, then get out of the way. His lack of combat abilities balance him back out.

Gordon seems like he would be a bit too powerful CQC, with a laser that can almost maintain damage as long as you see the monster, especially with the option to switch to other weapons. Having the assault be able to use multiple weapons at once would turn the assault into a one man army. Plus, any hiding monsters would be automatically targeted, making Haze’s stealth neccessity impossible. He can then be dealing damage with his laser gun, as well as his sonic cannon. This is going to make him a primary target, but his blinding grenade is what really takes the cake. He can blind the monster, while dealing laser damage, and then run up and get in a shot or two with his Sonic cannon. The only way to balance him back is to either substantially remove auto-fire damage, or remove the auto-fire action entirely.

Diamond is fairly balanced, Her bunker doesn’t last too long, and her Dual SMGs seem like their recoil could be tweaked to balance out OP damage. The Pheromone Neutralization was a nice addition, and seems like it could be a tactical advantage. She seems like a well balanced support.

Those are my main concerns. Gordon and Haze could use some tweaking, but other than that, all is good.

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Sorry…but they kind of just seem like teenager designs.

Most are bad.



yeah im trying to find the neat balance of range damage for a long ranged assault. i imaged it for the kraken, kraken flies in line of sight for a while, something that forces him out the sky and around obstacles was the goal. the laser is fairly useless vs the wraith, rockwall behemoth,and in some cases the goliath. the auto fire on the laser is something that can be tweaked. thanks for checking them out @Thunderspear22 , you had some interesting points.



how does that help me make them better??? you have to be a little more detailed than that @mikeylikesit



@Thunderspear22 yeah i took a look at the monster, haze. It wasnt as agressive as i thought. ill look into some ways to make him alittle bit more self agressive.



A projectile attack that causes wildlife to fight the hunters for you is:
a. new
b. interesting
c. freakin’ badass!

And the balancing factor is how weak Haze is. If Haze is in trouble, all he/she has to do is hit the medic or trapper with that attack, and the whole team will devote attention to helping them. This will allow Haze to steal health or escape.

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yeah and wraith and haze dont have to worry about arsenic’s ablative decay ability because their armor is so low.



Diamond lore created by lead lore artist @Average_Joe

Diamond is very passionate and serious about things in her line of work. With a deeply rooted hatred for monster’s clouding her mind with rage, she is often very transparent and sincere with her emotions, which brings her a lot of pity from teammates. Genuinely wants to protect people with all her might and generally gets what she wants.

Early on in her life Diamond’s parents were murdered by criminals, who felt too bad to kill her as well. Orphaned she was very quiet and underprivileged. Meals were often hard to come by and she, along with many of the other children, was abused by the “caregiver” of the orphanage. Although hurt, Diamond was still a very kind person, which helped her get out of that dirty, hellhole of an orphanage just before the age of 16. Adopted by a poor, kind family of 4 already, the young woman’s life started to take a turn for the better. They rattled together all of their funds, the sons both working multiple jobs with minimal pay, to send her off to school. It was at this school that Diamond met the love of her life, a man named Vincent. After finishing school Diamond and Vincent, moved back to Diamond’s hometown and had a daughter by the name of Katie and sought nothing more than to live their lives out in peace. Up until the fated day came upon them. From penniless, small town to tattered wasteland within a single day, the monsters attacked and ravaged the city. “Go, I’ll keep Katie safe,” Vincent pleaded with his wife, “I’ll make sure we make it out safe, but I can’t promise I can protect the both of you so go help you mother and father.” Diamond, although unconvinced, ran with all her might to the house she lived in during her youth, only to see it was no longer there. Just the crumbled remains of such a place. After searching the wreckage, Diamond soon came to the realization that they were gone. Now at this point, running with the last of her endurance back to her house with worry and fear, the woman saw many people that she knew in the town being chased down and devoured by these giant creatures of destruction as if for sport. By the time she arrived at her home she was just in time to see the worst sight of her life, the abomination picking up her daughter and eating her whole. As she cried, she also noticed Vincent laid on the ground missing both arms, and one leg bending out of place as though he had been toyed with. “RUN! DAMMIT JUST RUN!” as he coughed up blood, he miraculously managed to stumble to his feet, “I’ll buy you the time… just go, there’s a military encampment not far from here they’ll protect you, but I have nothing to live for if you die, so GO!” One last time Diamond ran her heart out crying the entire while, at the first sight of people she broke down and fainted. After waking up, she was silent until being introduced to the leader of the band of survivors. “His name was Gordon and had it not been for him I probably would’ve snapped,” the woman recalled, “he took care of me and it’s because of him that I’m here.” The woman traveled with the people until they reached the military encampment, and as soon as she reached her destination she enlisted to be a soldier. She wanted to protect people and just as much as she wanted to protect people, she wanted revenge. “They took everything from me, I know I won’t be able to get any of it back, but I’m sure I can stop them from taking it all again. Also I’m damn sure I can take at least something from them as well.” Was the background she told the armed forced that allowed her to join them and it was the same thing she told Cabot that allowed her to make the team. Diamond was now a hunter, and a dedicated one at that.

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