Fan Skin Compilation Thread

@judsonmcmahon here you go
Behemoth coming soon.

Actually, I heard somewhere that radiation while normally invisible can appear as a blue glow. Perhaps your nuclear skin should glow blue instead of yellow. Also I love the midnight rose skins as well as the paranormal wraith. Nebula skins are cool too. That lexcorp skin is hilarious. I would definitely buy almost all the skins here. Devs get on this, you’ve got a goldmine here.

Question, why are Goliath’s spikes yellow?

They represent the Federal Stars, which are federation of the 13 member states and the federal government.

Do you live in the USA?

nope. 99charbutyesaint1

You know more about America than the American.

What are you talking about? I’m talking about the Federal States in Malaysia.


That last Goliath skin looks vaguely americany. So he thought you were talking about Americas federal thingamajig

Arctic Goliath! First time using Photoshop by the way if anyone has any tips :slight_smile:

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I guess I’ll ~bump

Looks great! You should make more

So is it safe to assume this thread is dead? This makes me sad :frowning:

Nu pls. Make moar

Revivifier time!

I was messing around with my photo editing program some time ago and found out I can make some pretty neat edits that look like legit skin possibilities!

"American" Kraken
Seems like something people would like. It happened on accident when I intensified the colors too much.

Zoisite Kraken
Ruby Zoisite is a cool purpleish and green gemstone that I stole the name from. Thought this skin looked interesting.

Deep Sea Kraken
Second favorite of the creations I made… Love the blues.

Bohrium Kraken / Wraith
My favorite of the bunch. It looks Broken Hill-esque and has the purple in the right places, similar to the melee Bohrium map buff for monsters.

Bonus: Rainbow Barf Kraken

That American Kraken looks more like Spiderman.

True true. It has no white. I just thought it was oddly interesting… and I see a lot of people like red and blue. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would buy Rainbow Barf Kraken


Oh yeah, in a heartbeat.

Anyone know how to blacken images without losing the texures/details?


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