Fan made beta teaser trailer


Played around in after effects today - created a teaser from scratch


Looks awesome!


I wish I could figure out how to do stuff like this. Very cool.


Well done! :smiley:


'dat “Bwaaaaah” tho


Cool dude, nice work.


I know where this video is going as soon as alpha invites go out. Nice work!


Wait, you don’t mean it could be today?



You should totally have the 2 'E’s be glowing red eyes before the whole logo shows up. Or have the Evolve logo disappear INTO 2 red glowing eyes.


That’s an awesome idea. Mind if I give it a go?


Go for it. My creative idea’s and laziness is another man’s profit :smiley:


that’s cool, hope you can make some more


I don’t have video editing skills, but I heard this song on the radio today, and it is just perfect for a funny video featuring the goliath (maybe behemoth when its released).

The Luckiest Man The Wood Brothers:

I pictured a mash up of slow motion video takes of the monster on the run, Hunters on the chase firing some “magic forces” to go along with the song. I would have made a new post, but it doesn’t seem like new members are allowed?

Anyways, I’ll leave this here for anyone who likes video editing to consider for a future video showing the sensitive side of the Monsters invading Shear.